Session Information consisting of Contributed Talk


[CT001] General and miscellaneous specific topics etc.

  • CT001 [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02626 (00A)] Use of Origami Maths for minimizing packing & wrapping cost / Krishna Krishna (INDIAN ORIGAMI SOCIETY)
    • [01169 (00A)] Physical properties of seed maize versus open market maize / Martin Apraku Amankwah (Sunyani Technical University) et al.
    • [00756 (00A)] Using photogrammetry for the objective morphological study of early violins / Philémon Beghin (UCLouvain) et al.
    • [01582 (00A)] Parameter Estimation in Mathematical Models Using Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses / Priyanka Sehrawat (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) et al.
    • [02412 (03D)] Randomized algorithms of AND-OR tree calculation regarding query complexity / Fuki Ito (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

[CT002] General logic etc.

  • CT002 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00017 (03B)] Modified Operational Laws for Neutrosophic Numbers in Decision-Making Problems / Akanksha Singh (Chandigarh University)
    • [02100 (03B)] Evaluation of Pandemic Severity using Type-2 Fuzzy Systems / Animesh Biswas (University of Kalyani)
    • [02359 (03B)] A Weighted Max-Min Model for Stochastic Fuzzy Multi-Objective Supplier Selection in a Supply Chain / Grandianus Seda Mada (Universitas Gadjah Mada) et al.
    • [02653 (05-)] Random generation of Phylogenetic networks / Marefatollah Mansouri (University of Vienna )
    • [01599 (06F)] Theoretical and Experimental Understanding for EMI Shielding and Supercapacitor Applications / Prof. Sukhen Das (Department of Physics, Jadavpur University) et al.

[CT003] Set theory etc.

  • CT003 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00015 (03E)] Mehar ranking method for solving interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy MADM problems in risk analysis / Akanksha Singh (Chandigarh University)
    • [02378 (03E)] Hough transform generalization for detecting fuzzy lines and fuzzy circles / Diksha Gupta (Ajeenkya D Y Patil Unversity, Pune)
    • [02639 (03E)] ON HYPERSOFT TOPOLOGY / INTHUMATHI V (Associate Professor) et al.
    • [00092 (05A)] The explicit formulae for the distributions of words / Hayato Takahashi (Random Data Lab. Inc. )
    • [02538 (05A)] Probabilistic proofs for some important combinatorial identities / Ashok Kumar Pathak (Central University of Punjab, Bathinda)

[CT004] Designs and configurations / Number theory etc.

  • CT004 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02266 (05B)] Constructing ternary quasigroups possessing properties of parastrophic orthogonality / Fedir Sokhatsky (Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University) et al.
    • [02322 (05B)] Low discrepancy point sets inspired by Sudoku hypercubes / Shigetaka Taga (University of Tsukuba)
    • [00890 (08A)] A new realization algorithm for SL2 over Laurent polynomials ring. / Fatima Boudaoud (University Oran1) et al.
    • [00001 (11-)] THE BEAUTY AND THE OBSERVATION OF THE GEOMETRY OF THE SPACE EUCLIDIANAS / Edwin Gerardo Acuña Acuña (Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología)
    • [00004 (11-)] Data Mining and Analysis guide to models and algorithms in mathematics for data mining / Edwin Gerardo Acuña Acuña (Latin American University of Science and Technology)

[CT005] Graph theory [A]

  • CT005 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02271 (05C)] Enumerate All Routes on a Doughnut / Yasuko Matsui (Tokai University) et al.
    • [00039 (05C)] Recent developments on energy of graphs / Shariefuddin Pirzada (University of Kashmir)
    • [00979 (05C)] Optimal radio channel assignment to transmitters in a network by graph labeling approach / Devsi Dudabhai Bantva (Lukhdhirji Engineering College, Morbi)
    • [00511 (05C)] Metapopulation network models explain non-Poissonian statistics of intercontact times / Elohim Fonseca dos Reis (State University of New York at Buffalo) et al.
    • [00199 (05C)] Covering Array on Product of Hypergraphs / Yasmeen Akhtar (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani-Goa Campus) et al.

[CT006] Graph theory [B] / Sequences and sets / Finite fields and commutative rings (number-theoretic aspects) / Computational aspects and applications of commutative rings / Tropical geometry

  • CT006 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00682 (05C)] Cover Temporal Networks with Densest Subgraphs / Riccardo Dondi (Università degli Studi di Bergamo)
    • [00933 (11B)] Hankel Matrices of Finite Rank and Generalized Fibonacci Sequences / RAJAE BEN TAHER ( University Moulay Ismail, Meknes)
    • [02500 (11T)] Constructing crypto-algorithms using vector-valued functions / Fedir Sokhatsky (Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University)
    • [00540 (13P)] Random product homotopies for decomposing tensors / Tsung-Lin Lee (National Sun Yat-sen University)
    • [00459 (14T)] Tropical linear regression and mean payoff games: or, how to measure the distance to equilibria / Marianne Akian (INRIA and CMAP, École polytechnique) et al.

[CT007] Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory etc.

  • CT007 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00791 (15-)] FunFact: Tensor Decomposition, Your Way / Daan Camps (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) et al.
    • [02001 (15-)] GPU batched sparse solver for XGC fusion plasma collision operator / Paul Lin (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) et al.
    • [02429 (15B)] Differential geometry with extreme eigenvalues in the positive semidefinite cone / Nathaël Da Costa (Nanyang Technological University) et al.
    • [02414 (17B)] Quadratic Lie algebras algorithms applied over oscillator algebras / Jorge Roldán-López (Universidad de La Rioja) et al.
    • [02379 (20N)] Quasigroups with inverse properties and information protection / Alla Lutsenko (Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University)

[CT008] Basic linear algebra [A]

  • CT008 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02200 (15A)] Structured Distances to Nearest Singular Matrix Pencil / Punit Sharma (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
    • [00430 (15A)] Nearest singular pencil via Riemannian optimization / Lauri Nyman (Aalto University)
    • [01156 (15A)] Row completion of polynomial matrices / Agustzane Amparan (Universidad del País Vasco, UPV/EHU) et al.
    • [01208 (15A)] On bundles of matrix pencils under strict equivalence / FERNANDO DE TERÁN (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) et al.
    • [00770 (15A)] Rellich eigendecomposition of paraHermitian matrices, with applications / Giovanni Barbarino (Aalto University)

[CT009] Basic linear algebra [B]

  • CT009 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00922 (15A)] Matrix Factorization for Change Detection in HyperSpectral Images / Antonella Falini (Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro) et al.
    • [00546 (15A)] Recent advances on the conjugate discrete-time algebraic Riccati equation. / Chun-Yueh Chiang (Center for General Education, National Formosa University) et al.
    • [01097 (15A)] Versal deformations as a tool of matrix analysis / Andrii Dmytryshyn (Örebro University)
    • [00206 (15A)] Tensor product-type methods for solving Sylvester tensor equations / Jing Niu (Nagoya University) et al.
    • [02254 (15A)] Optimized first order alternating algorithms for fast and accurate low rank tensor decomposition / HUIWEN YU (Aarhus University) et al.

[CT010] Classical measure theory etc.

  • CT010 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01082 (15A)] Analysis of traffic flow models by triangulation of min-plus matrices / Yuki Nishida (Tokyo University of Science) et al.
    • [00374 (15A)] Recent numerical and theoretical advances in the study of matrix sequences / Sven-Erik Ekström (Uppsala University)
    • [00767 (28A)] Fractal and Fractional / Raffaela Capitanelli (Sapienza University of Roma)
    • [00772 (28A)] Fractal Quartic Spline Method for Solving Second Order Boundary Value Problem / ARYA KUMAR BEDABRATA CHAND (Indian Institute of Technology Madras) et al.
    • [01662 (28A)] Shape Preserving aspects of multivariate zipper fractal functions / Deependra Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Madras) et al.

[CT011] Functions of one variable [A]

  • CT011 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00846 (26A)] ESR fractional model with non-zero uniform average blood velocity / Abhijit Shit (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.
    • [00014 (26A)] Pathway Fractional Integral Operator with Composition of Generalized function G_(ρ,η,r) [a, z] / Harish Nagar (Chandigarh University) et al.
    • [00173 (26A)] Symmetries and Explicit Solutions of Fractional Nonlinear Drinfeld–Sokolov–Satsuma–Hirota System / Komal Singla (Chandigarh University)
    • [00200 (26A)] Montgomery identity and Ostrowski type inequalities via Katugampola integral operator / Henok Desalegn Desta (Addis Ababa university ) et al.
    • [00334 (26A)] A generalized study of the distribution of buffer over calcium on a fractional dimension / Sanjay Bhatter (Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur) et al.

[CT012] Functions of one variable [B] etc.

  • CT012 (1/3) [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00335 (26A)] Fractional Relaxation-Oscillation and Fractional Biological Population Equations: Applications of the Elzaki Decomposition Method / Daya Lal Suthar (Wollo University)
    • [00422 (26A)] On Some fractional integrodifferential equations using $\psi$ Hilfer fractional operator / Deepak B Pachpatte (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University)
    • [00661 (26A)] A variational methods for fractional Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problem / Prashant Kumar Pandey (Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) Bhopal University) et al.
    • [00853 (26A)] Numerical Approximation of Fractional Burgers Equation with Non-singular Time-Derivatives / Swati Yadav (NTNU Trondheim) et al.
    • [00928 (26A)] Controllability of Fractional Evolution Systems with Impulses. / Malar Kandasamy (Bharathiar University ) et al.
  • CT012 (2/3) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01090 (26A)] A high order approximation scheme for non-linear time fractional reaction-diffusion equation / Deeksha Singh (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi)
    • [01981 (26A)] An Efficient Computational Technique for Semilinear Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation / Aniruddha Seal (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.
    • [01992 (26A)] A new approach to solve a class of fractional order variational problem / Hossein Jafari (University of South Africa)
    • [02168 (26A)] Controllability Result of Fractional Semi-Linear System with Diffusion on a boundary subregion. / Asmae TAJANI (Moulay Ismail University)
    • [02390 (26A)] Discontinuous Galerkin method for time-fractional delay differential equation / Raksha Devi (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee ) et al.
  • CT012 (3/3) [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02467 (26A)] Existence of unique blow-up solutions to fully fractional thermostat models / KIRAN KUMAR SAHA (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) et al.
    • [02540 (26A)] Dynamics of Fractional Order Crime Transmission Model with Fear Effect and Gang-war / Trilok Mathur (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani) et al.
    • [02607 (26A)] Composition of Saigo’s k-Fractional Integral and Derivative Operators / Sunita Nagar (Mewar University)
    • [02621 (26A)] Effect of magnetic field on natural convection through infinite plates with ramped velocity / Sangeeta Kumari (Chandigarh University) et al.
    • [01966 (30C)] Fekete-Szegö Inequality for Universally Prestarlike Functions By a Variational Method / Lourthu Mary Joseph (Yuvabharathi International School)

[CT013] Miscellaneous topics of analysis in the complex plane etc.

  • CT013 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02363 (30E)] The Location of Zeros of the quaternionic Polynomial (Lacunary Type Polynomial) / Dinesh Tripathi (Manav Rachna University)
    • [00757 (30E)] Effect of electrostatic forces and moments on cracked electrostrictive dielectrics / Lennart Behlen (University of Kassel) et al.
    • [01157 (31B)] The boundary domain integral method for boundary value problems with variable coefficients / Nahuel Domingo Caruso (National University of Rosario – CIFASIS-CONICET) et al.
    • [00728 (32A)] Descriptions of distribution function and hyperfunction using discretization / Yuya Taki (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, SOKA University) et al.
    • [01393 (33B)] Generalized Mittag-Leffler Functions and Its Rational Approximations with Real Distinct Poles / Olaniyi Samuel Iyiola (Clarkson University)

[CT014] Ordinary differential equations etc.

  • CT014 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00363 (34-)] Neighborhood effects, college education, and social mobility / Cesar Montalvo (University of Virginia)
    • [01091 (34-)] Nonlinear effects of neighborhood influence over college education, and social mobility / Cesar Montalvo (University of Virginia)
    • [01031 (34-)] Anti-disturbance synchronization of polytopic uncertain complex dynamical networks under attacks / Sakthivel Natarajan (Bharathiar University)
    • [02391 (34G)] Null controllability of semilinear differential inclusion with nonlocal condition / BHOLANATH KUMBHAKAR (DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROORKEE) et al.

[CT015] General theory for ordinary differential equations [A]

  • CT015 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00439 (34A)] Successive Approximations for Fractional BVPs with Non-local Boundary Conditions / Dona Pantova (TU Delft) et al.
    • [01778 (34A)] Hamilton – Jacobi – Bellman equations in fractional optimal control problems / Mikhail Gomoyunov (N.N. Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics)
    • [02449 (34A)] Recent Advances in Fast Finite Difference Schemes for PDE Problems / Lu-Yao Sun (University of Macau)
    • [02687 (34A)] Semi-Markov Compartment Models / Bruce Henry (University of New South Wales)
    • [00847 (34A)] Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia diagnosis and treatment: a mathematical analysis / Ana Niño-López (Department of Mathematics, Universidad de Cádiz) et al.

[CT016] General theory for ordinary differential equations [B]

  • CT016 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01010 (34A)] Superconvergent Scheme for a System of Green Fredholm Integral Equations / Rakesh Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India)) et al.
    • [00551 (34A)] Network suppression of the pathogen spread within the healthcare system / Monika Joanna Piotrowska (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw) et al.
    • [00501 (34A)] Efficient numerical method for simulation of plasma / Tuan Anh Dao (Uppsala University)
    • [00968 (34A)] Modelling pathogen spreading in a network of hospitals / Agata Lonc (University of Warsaw) et al.
    • [01842 (34A)] IMPACT OF FRACTIONAL-ORDER DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS IN MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS / Balasubramaniam Pagavathi gounder (The Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed to be University))

[CT017] Asymptotic theory for ordinary differential equations etc.

  • CT017 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01974 (34A)] Solving fractional Hantavirus model: A new approach / Yogita Mahesh Mahatekar (COEP Technological University) et al.
    • [01668 (34E)] Order Reconstruction in Microfluidic Channels / James Dalby (University of Strathclyde)
    • [01748 (34E)] Large-scale mRNA translation and the intricate effects of competition for the finite pool of ribosomes / Aditi Jain (IIT Ropar) et al.
    • [02588 (34E)] Synchronization in a model system of two bubbles / Masashi Ohnawa (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
    • [00380 (34E)] Mathematical approach for understanding the impact of rainfall on cocoa production. / Oluwatosin Babasola (University of Bath) et al.

[CT018] Boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations [A]

  • CT018 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00326 (34B)] Estimating the lowest-order eigenvalue in Sturm-Liouville boundary value problem / Natanael Karjanto (Sungkyunkwan University)
    • [01392 (34B)] Solving a fractional pantograph delay equation / Assia Guezane Laakoud (Badji Mokhtar Annaba University) et al.
    • [00566 (34B)] Numerical study of Draw resonance in Fibre spinning using multi-mode constitutive model / Renu Dhadwal (Center for Mathematical Modelling, FLAME University )
    • [01345 (34B)] Novel Lyapunov-type Inequality Involving Riesz Fractional Derivative / Rabah Khaldi (Badji Mokhtar Annaba University) et al.
    • [00034 (34B)] Relative heat flux in nonlocal reaction-diffusion equations and thermoelectric efficiency / Byungki Ryu (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) et al.

[CT019] Boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations [B] etc.

  • CT019 [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00634 (34B)] Bifurcation curves for semipositone problem with Minkowski-curvature operator / Shao-Yuan Huang (National Taipei University of Education)
    • [00018 (34B)] Structures and evolution of bifurcation diagrams for a one-dimensional diffusive generalized logistic problem with constant yield harvesting / Shin-Hwa Wang (National Tsing Hua University, TAIWAN) et al.
    • [01883 (34B)] An application to the generalized logistic growth model / Kuo-Chih Hung (National Chin-Yi University of Technology)
    • [01155 (34B)] Optimal bounds on the fundamental spectral gap with single-well potentials / Zakaria El Allali (Mohammed First University , Oujda, Morocco) et al.
    • [00128 (34L)] A Numerical Approximation for Generalized Fractional Sturm-Liouville Problem with Application / Eti Goel (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India) et al.

[CT020] Qualitative theory for ordinary differential equations

  • CT020 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00177 (34C)] Bifurcations of Limit Cycles and Multistability in Polynomial Dynamical Systems / Valery A. Gaiko (United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
    • [00492 (34C)] Asymptotic convergence of heterogeneous first-order aggregation models: from the sphere to the unitary group / Dohyun Kim (Sungshin Women’s University)
    • [00759 (34C)] CODIMENSION-ONE BIFURCATIONS OF AN SIRS-TYPE MODEL FOR COVID-19 REINFECTION CASE / Livia Owen (Parahyangan Catholic University)
    • [02043 (34C)] Almost Automorphic Solution of a Leslie-Gower Prey-Predator Model on Time Scales / Soniya NA (Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Jais India)
    • [00130 (34C)] THE DYNAMICS OF THE MONKEYPOX VIRUS IN THE PRESENCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL TRANSMISSION / Chinwendu Emilian MADUBUEZE (Federal university of Agriculture Makurdi Nigeria )

[CT021] Stability theory for ordinary differential equations

  • CT021 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00083 (34D)] Modeling the dynamic of COVID-19 with different types of transmissions / Mohamed AMOUCH (Chouaib doukkali, University)
    • [01041 (34D)] Dynamical Behaviours of a Stochastic Leptospirosis Model with Saturated Incidence Rate / SELSHA S (Research Scholar, Govt College Chittur)
    • [02289 (34D)] HIV Community Transmission: A Multi-strain Modelling Approach / Ashish Poonia (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.
    • [02521 (34D)] Asymptotic tracking of a point cloud moving on Riemannian manifolds / Hyunjin Ahn (Myongji University) et al.
    • [02352 (34D)] Analysis of a model of Dengue fever transmission / Burcu Gürbüz (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz) et al.

[CT022] Control problems including ordinary differential equations

  • CT022 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00219 (34H)] Approximation methods for solving pursuit-evasion differential game / Oleg Kelis (The Technion—Israel Institute of Technology)
    • [00252 (34H)] Stabilization and adaptive event-triggered tracking control for non-linear systems / Vijayakumar Muthusamy (Anna University )
    • [01210 (34H)] Adaptive Observer for Cyber-Physical Systems under Sensor Attacks with Delays / SRIMANTA SANTRA (KIOS Centre of Excellence at the University of Cyprus,Aglatzia, Nic osia , Cyprus.) et al.
    • [02907 (34H)] Robust Train Trajectory Optimization / Alex Cunillera (Delft University of Technology) et al.
    • [00987 (34H)] Role of applied mathematics on optimum MR damper location for LQG controlled framed structure / MANIKANDAN RAJASEKARAN (DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS BHARATHIYAR UNIVERSITY COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU INDIA) et al.

[CT023] Functional-differential equations (including equations with delayed, advanced or state-dependent argument) etc.

  • CT023 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02400 (34H)] A generalized structural bifurcation analysis of chemical reaction networks / Yong-Jin Huang (Division of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University) et al.
    • [00776 (34K)] Towards a modeling class for port-Hamiltonian systems with time-delay / Dorothea Hinsen (TU Berlin) et al.
    • [02010 (34K)] Fixed Point Algorithms: Convergence, stability and data dependence results / Javid Ali (Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh)
    • [00565 (34K)] Resonance with a Delay Differential Equation / Kenta Ohira (Nagoya University) et al.
    • [02688 (34K)] Analytical Solutions of Delay Differential Equations / Christopher Angstmann (University of New South Wales) et al.

[CT024] Partial differential equations etc.

  • CT024 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02197 (34N)] Mean-field diffusive coupling to promote dispersal, synchronisation and stability of infectious diseases / Tina Verma (Thapar Instiute of Engineering & Technology)
    • [01139 (35-)] Adaptive sampling and transfer learning techniques for solution of PDEs / Andreas Aristotelous (The University of Akron)
    • [01048 (35-)] Analysis of a Poisson–Nernst–Planck–Fermi model for ion transport in biological channels and nanopores / Annamaria Massimini (TU Wien) et al.
    • [02961 (35-)] An analysis of boundary variations in Laplace-Steklov eigenvalue problems / Önder Türk (Middle East Technical University) et al.
    • [00009 (35E)] Numerical Solution of Kuramoto–Sivashinsky Equation Using Orthogonal Collocation with Bessel Polynomials as Basis / Shelly Arora (Punjabi University, Patiala) et al.

[CT025] General topics in partial differential equations etc.

  • CT025 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00692 (35A)] Well-posedness with large data for a weighted porous medium equation / Troy Petitt (Politecnico di Milano) et al.
    • [01069 (35A)] Global existence and stability of three species predator-prey system with prey-taxis / GURUSAMY ARUMUGAM (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University )
    • [02641 (35A)] Reconstructing electron backscatter diffraction data using vectorized total variation flow / Emmanuel Atoleya Atindama (Clarkson University) et al.
    • [02026 (35A)] Variants of the penalty method for contact problems – Formulations unifying Nitsche and penalty methods / Ibrahima Dione (Professor at Moncton university)
    • [02662 (35F)] ASYMMETRICAL CELL DIVISION WITH EXPONENTIAL GROWTH / Ali Ashher Zaidi (LUMS, Lahore) et al.

[CT026] Qualitative properties of solutions to partial differential equations [A]

  • CT026 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00824 (35B)] Asymptotics for Some Singular Limits / Steve Schochet (Tel Aviv University)
    • [00218 (35B)] Characterizations of diffusion matrices in homogenization of nondivergence-form elliptic equations / Xiaoqin Guo (University of Cincinnati) et al.
    • [02589 (35B)] Two scale convergence method in Orlicz setting and application / Joel Fotso Tachago (The University of Bamenda) et al.
    • [00976 (35B)] A Multi-phase Model for Silicon Carbide Production / Brady Metherall (University of Oxford)
    • [00197 (35B)] Mathematical analysis of a nonlinear SIS model with effect of migration / Soumak Nag (University of Hyderabad) et al.

[CT027] Qualitative properties of solutions to partial differential equations [B]

  • CT027 [ Aug.21 : 1C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00284 (35B)] Stability analysis of solutions of nonlinear Schrodinger equation in presence of PT-symmetric potential / Amiya Das (University of Kalyani)
    • [00822 (35B)] Dynamics and Diffusion Limit of a Two-Species Chemotaxis Model / Annapoorani N (Bharathiar University)
    • [02006 (35B)] Dynamics of localization patterns in some nonlocal evolution equations / Hiroshi Ishii (Kyoto University)
    • [02184 (35B)] Oscillatory Translational Instability of Localized Spot Patterns in the Schnakenberg Reaction-Diffusion System in Defected 3D Domains / Siwen Deng (Macquarie University) et al.
    • [00956 (35B)] Inner Structure of Attractors for a Nonlocal Chafee-Infante Problem / RUBEN CABALLERO (UNIVERSIDAD MIGUEL HERNANDEZ DE ELCHE)

[CT028] Qualitative properties of solutions to partial differential equations [C]

  • CT028 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02575 (35B)] Propagation of Nonlinear Waves in Non-genuinely Nonlinear Characteristic Field / Triveni Prasad Shukla (National Institute of Technology Warangal)
    • [01797 (35B)] Random dynamics of 2D stochastic Naiver-Stokes equations on the whole space / Manil T. Mohan (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee)
    • [01348 (35B)] Existence and nonexistence of solutions of thin-film equations with variable exponent spaces / GNANAVEL SOUNDARARAJAN (Central University of Kerala)
    • [01831 (35B)] A cancer invasion model involving chemotaxis and haptotaxis / Peter Pang (National University of Singapore)
    • [00698 (35B)] Rigidity for Sobolev inequalities and radial PDEs on Cartan-Hadamard manifolds / Matteo Muratori (Politecnico di Milano) et al.

[CT029] Representations of solutions to partial differential equations etc.

  • CT029 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01022 (35C)] Self similar solutions of fuzzy fractional vibration equation / PRAKASH PERIASAMY (Periyar University, Salem – 636 011 INDIA)
    • [01224 (35C)] Collision-induced amplitude dynamics of nD solitons in a perturbed saturable nonlinear medium / Quan Minh Nguyen (International University, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City) et al.
    • [02689 (35C)] Double Dirac Cone in Subwavelength Bandstructure / Borui Miao (Tsinghua University)
    • [01390 (35C)] Neural Operator for Multidisciplinary Engineering Design / Andrew M. Stuart (Caltech) et al.
    • [01424 (35N)] Asymptotic behaviour of the tumor-immune chemotaxis system with inter-cellular competition / Gnanasekaran S (Bharathiar University)

[CT030] Generalized solutions to partial differential equations etc.

  • CT030 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00144 (35D)] The flux perturbed Riemann solution for isentropic Cargo-LeRoux model / Sahadeb Kuila (DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu 603203) et al.
    • [02107 (35D)] Nonlinear stochastic heat equation with variable thermal conductivity / Danijela Rajter-Ciric (Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad) et al.
    • [02659 (35D)] Extension of p-Laplace type operator for image enhancement / Yuanji Cheng (Malmo University)
    • [01755 (35P)] A Study of Imaging in the Existence of Resonance with Multiple Scattering / Ray-Hon Sun (Stanford University)
    • [00290 (37-)] Multiple trajectories’ learning method for time series data / Victoria Rayskin (Haverford)

[CT031] General higher-order partial differential equations and systems of higher-order partial differential equations etc.

  • CT031 [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00921 (35G)] Inverse Coefficient Problem – Coupling Fourth and Second Order Equations / NAVANEETHA KRISHNAN M (CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF TAMIL NADU, THIRUVARUR – 610005)
    • [01109 (35G)] Harmonic Instability and Modal Transition in Ultra-Long Marine Risers / Arthur Bizzi (IMPA)
    • [01185 (35G)] Harmonic Instability and Uncontrollability of Heavy Rayleigh Beams / Arthur Bizzi (IMPA)
    • [00502 (37B)] The Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition of polynomial vector fields / Tomoharu Suda (Keio University)
    • [00532 (37C)] Pullback Operator Methods in Dynamical Systems: Theory and Computation / Allan M. Avila (AIMdyn Inc.)

[CT032] Elliptic equations and elliptic systems [A]

  • CT032 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01233 (35J)] A Study of the Spectra-Cutoff Imaging Method of Multiple Scattering in Isotropic Point-Like Discrete Random Media / Ray-Hon Sun (Stanford University (while working on this research))
    • [01754 (35J)] Spectral-Cutoff for Imaging of Multiple Scattering in Isotropic Point-Like Discrete Random Media / Ray-Hon Sun (Stanford University)
    • [01413 (35J)] Inverted finite elements method: principles and recent advances. / Tahar Zamene BOULMEZAOUD (University of Versailles SQY, University of Paris-Saclay and University of Victoria )
    • [02278 (35J)] On the fourth order semipositone problem in $\mathbb{R}^N$ / Ujjal Das (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [00958 (35J)] Existence results and numerical approximation for a quasilinear elliptic system / Hajar Talbi (Moulay Ismail University)

[CT033] Elliptic equations and elliptic systems [B]

  • CT033 [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00132 (35J)] Incompatibility-governed deformations: a new approach to Elastoplasticity / Nicolas Van Goethem (Universidade de Lisboa )
    • [00102 (35J)] Existence of Sign-changing solutions to a Hamiltonian elliptic System / Bhakti Bhusan Manna (IIT Hyderabad)
    • [00228 (35J)] Density functional theory for two dimensional homogeneous materials / Salma Lahbabi (UHIIC, UM6P) et al.
    • [01203 (35J)] Existence and regularity results for nonlinear elliptic equations with degenerate coercivity / Fessel Achhoud (MISI Laboratory Hassan First University of Settat) et al.
    • [02424 (35J)] Nonlinear fractional elliptic systems : Theory and Numerics / Maha Daoud (Hassan II University of Casablanca)

[CT034] Elliptic equations and elliptic systems [C] etc.

  • CT034 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01083 (35J)] The existence and the numerical approximation to a nonlinear coupled system in anisotropic Orlicz-Sobolev spaces / Hakima Ouyahya (Moulay Ismail University)
    • [02489 (35J)] $L^p$-estimates for Maxwell’s equations in heterogeneous materials / Dongwoo Sheen (Seoul National University)
    • [00388 (35J)] Numerical solution of distributed order time-fractional diffusion equations. / Yashveer Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology(BHU), Varanasi, India.) et al.
    • [00398 (35J)] Approximation of Abel type nonlinear fractional integral equations by the use of orthogonal polynomials / Aman Singh (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University)) et al.

[CT035] Parabolic equations and parabolic systems [A]

  • CT035 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01147 (35K)] A convergent numerical scheme to a McKendrick-von Foerster equation with diffusion / Suman Kumar Tumuluri (University of Hyderabad)
    • [00722 (35K)] Scalar auxiliary variable schemes for Cahn-Hilliard systems with mass source / Andrew Lam (Hong Kong Baptist University) et al.
    • [00937 (35K)] Asymptotic and numerical approaches to degeneracies in Stefan problems / Michael Vynnycky (University of Limerick) et al.
    • [01412 (35K)] Morphology formation in ternary mixtures: A continuum model / Rainey Lyons (Karlstad University) et al.
    • [02483 (35K)] Existence and uniqueness of traveling wave solutions for competition-diffusion systems / Jian-Jhong Lin (National Taipei University of Technology)

[CT036] Parabolic equations and parabolic systems [B]

  • CT036 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00010 (35K)] Convergence Analysis of Fourth Order Extended Fisher Kolmogorov Equation Using Quintic Hermite Splines / Shelly Arora (Punjabi University, Patiala) et al.
    • [00519 (35K)] Non-Newtonian fluids with discontinuous-in-time stress tensor. / Miroslav Bulicek (Charles University) et al.
    • [00820 (35K)] Chemotaxis system with signal-dependent motility and the singular limit problem / Changwook Yoon (Chungnam National University) et al.
    • [00487 (35K)] A strongly nonlinear anisotropic parabolic-elliptic system: analysis and numerical simulation / Francisco Ortegón Gallego (Universidad de Cádiz) et al.
    • [00735 (35K)] Turing instability of a diffusive predator-prey model with Monod-Haldane response / Muniyagounder Sambath (Periyar University )

[CT037] Parabolic equations and parabolic systems [C]

  • CT037 [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01073 (35K)] About reaction-diffusion systems with exponential growth: Numerical study / Rajae Malek (Moulay Ismail University, Meknes, Morocco)
    • [02235 (35K)] Numerical simulation of dislocation multiple cross-slip / Miroslav Kolář (Czech Technical University in Prague) et al.
    • [00850 (35K)] Boundary stabilization of time fractional reaction- diffusion systems with time delays / Mathiyalagan Kalidass (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)
    • [01629 (35K)] Constructive approaches for the controllability of semi-linear heat and wave equations / Arnaud Munch (Clermont Auvergne University)
    • [02481 (35K)] The fourth-order total variation flow in R^n / Yoshikazu Giga (The University of Tokyo) et al.

[CT038] Partial differential equations of mixed type and mixed-type systems of partial differential equations etc.

  • CT038 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02581 (35K)] Well-Posedness and smoothness of geometric flows with nonlinear boundary conditions / Daniel Goldberg (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
    • [02692 (35K)] Discovering extremal domains via shape optimization for passive tracers / Manuchehr Aminian (California State Polytechnic University Pomona)
    • [00486 (35M)] Singularity formation in the Keller-Segel system / Van Tien Nguyen (National Taiwan University)
    • [01080 (35M)] About Thermistor Problem: numerical study using Discrete Duality Finite Volume / Manar Lahrache (Moulay Ismail University, Faculty of Science, Meknes, Morocco)
    • [02566 (35M)] A spherically symmetric and steady flow describing the motion of a viscous gaseous star / Morimichi Umehara (University of Miyazaki)

[CT039] Hyperbolic equations and hyperbolic systems [A]

  • CT039 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00073 (35L)] Scattering behavior for one dimensional wave maps into Riemannian manifolds / Mengni Li (Southeast University)
    • [02609 (35L)] Reliable and efficient a posteriori error estimates for time-dependent wave equations / Théophile Chaumont-Frelet (Inria)
    • [00275 (35L)] A fast data-driven method for designing compressible shock dominant flows / Dongwook Lee (University of California Santa Cruz)
    • [00079 (35L)] Multi-dimensional Optimal Systems for Chaplygin Gas Cargo-LeRoux model / Manoj Kumar Pandey (BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus) et al.
    • [00159 (35L)] Wave interactions in drift- flux equations of two-phase flows / Minhajul Minhajul (Department of Mathematics, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus, India) et al.

[CT040] Hyperbolic equations and hyperbolic systems [B]

  • CT040 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00943 (35L)] Similarity solutions for cylindrical shock wave in self-gravitating non-ideal gas with axial magnetic field: Isothermal flow / Nandita . (Dept. of Applied Mathematics & Scientific Computing, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee,India 247667)
    • [02384 (35L)] An Energy Stable Semi-implicit Scheme for the Euler System under Diffusive Scaling / Arun Koottungal Revi (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram) et al.
    • [00021 (35L)] Study of sonic-supersonic patch arising in axisymmetric relativistic transonic flow / RAHUL BARTHWAL (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) et al.
    • [00025 (35L)] Riemann problem and limiting behaviour of a macroscopic production model / Balakrishna Chhatria (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
    • [00103 (35L)] Two-dimensional Riemann problem for a new hyperbolic model for thin film flow of a perfectly soluble anti-surfactant solution / RAJA SEKHAR TUNGALA (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)

[CT041] Hyperbolic equations and hyperbolic systems [C]

  • CT041 (1/2) [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00250 (35L)] Formation of delta shock waves and vacuum states in the vanishing pressure limit of the Riemann solution to the isentropic Euler system for logarithmic equation of state with the Coulomb-like friction term / Anupam Sen (Post Doctoral Fellow at Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
    • [00434 (35L)] Three pieces Riemann problem for $2$-D full Euler system in the Noble-Abel gas / Harsita Srivastava (Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar, Punjab) et al.
    • [00482 (35L)] Delta Shocks and vacuum states in the Riemann solutions of Chaplygin Euler equations as pressure and magnetic field drop to zero / Priyanka . (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar) et al.
    • [00750 (35L)] Bayesian inverse problems for some hyperbolic conservation laws / Duc-Lam Duong (LUT University) et al.
    • [01144 (35L)] Non-Local Conservation Laws with Discontinuous velocity Vector Field / Aekta Aggarwal (IIM Indore)
  • CT041 (2/2) [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01148 (35L)] Error Estimates for Conservation Laws with Discontinuous Flux / Ganesh Vaidya (TIFR CAM, Bengaluru)
    • [02614 (35L)] Convergence of a Second-Order Scheme for Nonlocal Traffic Flow Problems / Nikhil Manoj (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram) et al.
    • [00028 (35L)] Riemann problem for the Chaplygin gas equations for several classes of non-constant initial data / Akshay Kumar (University of Hyderabad) et al.
    • [01163 (35L)] An infinite class of shocks for compressible Euler / Calum Rickard (University of California, Davis) et al.
    • [00775 (35L)] Weak Shock diffraction in a van der Waals gas / Gaurav Gaurav (IIT(BHU), Varanasi, India)

[CT042] Hyperbolic equations and hyperbolic systems [D] / Local and nonlocal bifurcation theory for dynamical systems etc.

  • CT042 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00833 (35L)] Exact controllability for imperfect interface problems / Sara Monsurrò (University of Salerno)
    • [02619 (35L)] Interplay of two finite reservoirs in bidirectional system / Ankita Gupta (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar) et al.
    • [02630 (37G)] A modified May-Holling-Tanner model with dynamic alternative resources / Anuraj Singh (ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Gwalior) et al.
    • [02651 (37G)] Bifurcations in Delayed HIV Model / Saroj Kumar Sahani (South Asian University)
    • [02013 (39B)] An Accelerated Iteration for Finding Extremal Solutions of Discrete-Time Algebraic Riccati Equations / Chun-Yueh Chiang (Center for General Education, National Formosa University) et al.

[CT043] Partial differential equations of mathematical physics and other areas of application [A]

  • CT043 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00064 (35Q)] Immersed boundary simulations of fluid shear-induced deformation of a cantilever beam / Sudeshna Ghosh (Amity University Haryana, India)
    • [01087 (35Q)] Ferrohydrodynamic Mixed Convective Flow of a Rotating Disk with Vertical Motion / Gayathri Palanisamy (PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore)
    • [01271 (35Q)] Localized and degenerate controls for the incompressible Navier–Stokes system / Manuel Rissel (New York University Shanghai) et al.
    • [00115 (35Q)] Nanoparticle shape effect of hybrid nanofluid inside a U-shaped enclosure / Muhammad Solleh Asmadi (University of Malaya) et al.
    • [00683 (35Q)] Linearized Saint-Venant Equation with Lateral Inflow in a Finite Channel / Swaroop Nandan Bora (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.

[CT044] Partial differential equations of mathematical physics and other areas of application [B]

  • CT044 (1/2) [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01047 (35Q)] Large Deviations for Two-Dimensional Stochastic Tidal Dynamics Equations driven by Levy Noise / HASEENA A (Assistant Professor, Government College Chittur)
    • [01641 (35Q)] Cut singularity of compressible Stokes flow / Tae Yeob Lee (Pohang University of Science and Technology) et al.
    • [01840 (35Q)] On the inviscid limit of the stochastic Navier-Stokes equation / Ya-Guang Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
    • [02044 (35Q)] On the Analytical Treatment Of the Klein-Gordon Equation / Saurabh Tomar (IIT Kanpur, India)
    • [02084 (35Q)] A generalized analytical model of the tropical cyclone outer region / Jagdish Prasad Maurya (Rajiv Gandhi University )
  • CT044 (2/2) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02103 (35Q)] Global in Time Weak Solutions to Singular 3D Quasi-Geostrophic Systems / Yiran Hu (University of Texas at Austin)
    • [02475 (35Q)] A New Analytical Approach for Landslide-Generated Waves in U-Bays / Rani Sulvianuri (Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)) et al.
    • [00460 (35Q)] A Multigrid Method for Many-Electron Schrodinger Equations with ACE / Dexuan Zhou (Beijing Normal University)
    • [00474 (35Q)] Discrete solitons of discrete Schrodinger equations with general nonlinearities / Genghong Lin (Guangzhou University)
    • [02490 (35Q)] Mathematical Model of COVID-19 Dynamics under Vaccination Strategy and Immunity Waning using the Nigerian Demography / Rabiu Musa (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)

[CT045] Partial differential equations of mathematical physics and other areas of application [C]

  • CT045 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00427 (35Q)] Numerical Analysis of Finite dimensional approximations in Finite Temperature DFT / Ge Xu (Beijing Normal University)
    • [01789 (35Q)] On uniqueness of multi-bubble blow-up solutions and multi-solitons to L^2-critical NLS / Yiming Su (Zhejiang University of Technology)
    • [00671 (35Q)] A new drone swarm model for zone occupation / Axel Maupoux (ONERA / Institut Mathématique de Toulouse) et al.
    • [00599 (35Q)] Advances on estimation of temperature and moisture of soil using sensor networks. / Carmelina Ierardi (Universidad Loyola Andalucía ) et al.
    • [00688 (35Q)] Recovering Battery Ageing Dynamics with Invertible Neuronal Networks / Alireza Selahi (Weierstraß Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics)

[CT046] Partial differential equations of mathematical physics and other areas of application [D]

  • CT046 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01790 (35Q)] Numerical simulation of two-layer shallow-water models: Application to Maximal Exchange at Lombok Strait / Putu Veri Swastika (Udayana University) et al.
    • [00681 (35Q)] A revised Hughes model for pedestrian flow / Mohamed Ghattassi (NYUAD)
    • [00848 (35Q)] Mathematical modelling of neuroblast migration in the mouse brain / Noelia Ortega-Román (Universidad de Cádiz) et al.
    • [00849 (35Q)] Well-suited upwind DG scheme for a phase-field tumor model / Daniel Acosta-Soba (Universidad de Cádiz) et al.
    • [00929 (35Q)] On the continuum limit of epidemic models on graphs / Simone Dovetta (Politecnico di Torino) et al.

[CT047] Partial differential equations of mathematical physics and other areas of application [E]

  • CT047 [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01172 (35Q)] Spatio-structural partial differential equation (PDE) modelling for single-cell cancer data / Arran Hodgkinson (Queen’s University Belfast) et al.
    • [00081 (35Q)] Strong stationarity for a highly nonsmooth optimization problem with control constraints / Livia Betz (Faculty of Mathematics Würzburg)
    • [00536 (35Q)] Solving inverse and forward problems in the water quality model by neutral networks / Muoi Quy Pham (The University of Danang – University of Science and Education)
    • [00386 (35Q)] Optimizing the Location of Exit Doors for a Safer Crowd Evacuation / Lino J. Alvarez-Vazquez (University of Vigo) et al.
    • [00393 (35Q)] Mathematical Modelling of Bilayered Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries / Eloise Tredenick (University of Oxford)

[CT048] Miscellaneous topics in partial differential equations [A]

  • CT048 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01587 (35R)] Existence and multiplicity solutions for a fourth-order Neumann problem / Said Taarabti (university of Ibn Zohr)
    • [01524 (35R)] Radon measure solutions to compressible Euler equations and applications / Hairong Yuan (East China Normal University ) et al.
    • [02136 (35R)] Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems with Local Boundary Conditions / James M. Scott (Columbia University)
    • [00251 (35R)] Separable Variable Method and Exact Solution of Fractional Differential Equations / Ramajayam Sahadevan (Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras, Chennai-600005 )
    • [00614 (35R)] Sparse spectral methods for fractional PDEs / Ioannis P. A. Papadopoulos (Imperial College London)

[CT049] Miscellaneous topics in partial differential equations [B]

  • CT049 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01079 (35R)] Higher order numerical scheme to approximation generalized Caputo fractional derivatives and its application / Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi)
    • [01551 (35R)] Observer-based Nonlinear Fault-tolerant Control Design for Fractional-order Parabolic PDE Systems / Sweetha Senthilrathnam (Bharathiar university) et al.
    • [01928 (35R)] Advanced Computational Methods for Fractional Partial Differential Equations / Ashish Awasthi (National Institute of Technology Calicut) et al.
    • [02638 (35R)] A note on contribution of finite difference methods for fractional diffusion equations / GUNVANT ACHUTRAO BIRAJDAR (Tata Institute of Social Sciences Tuljapur Campus)
    • [00875 (35R)] Deep learning based reduced ensemble Kalman inversion for microscopic parameter estimation / Yankun Hong (Eindhoven University of Technology) et al.

[CT050] Miscellaneous topics in partial differential equations [C]

  • CT050 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00909 (35R)] Lipschitz stability of an inverse problem for Tumor Growth Model / Barani Balan Natesan (Central University of Tamil Nadu)
    • [00973 (35R)] Inverse source problem for a seventh-order Korteweg–de Vries equation / Arivazhagan Anbu (Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar)
    • [02311 (35R)] Lipschitz Stability of Recovering the Conductivity from Internal Current Densities / Lingyun Qiu (Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University; Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications) et al.
    • [02665 (35R)] Modelling metal biosorption on algae-bacteria granular biofilms / Fabiana Russo (Temple University) et al.
    • [02666 (35R)] Dynamics of biofouling in microfiltration systems / Vincenzo Luongo (University of Naples Federico II) et al.

[CT051] Miscellaneous topics in partial differential equations [D]

  • CT051 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01049 (35R)] A numerical study of a moving boundary problem during the phase change process / Rajeev . (Indian Institute of Technology BHU Varanasi India )
    • [00165 (35R)] A convergent scheme for stochastic compressible Euler equations / Ujjwal Koley (Associate Professor)
    • [00579 (35R)] Explosion times and its bounds for a system of semilinear SPDEs / Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram (Periyar University)
    • [00926 (35R)] Recent developments on non-uniqueness for stochastic PDEs / Kazuo Yamazaki (Texas Tech University)
    • [01389 (35R)] Exponential Behavior of Nonlinear Stochastic Partial Functional Equations Driven by Poisson Jumps and Rosenblatt Process / Anguraj Annamalai (PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

[CT052] Miscellaneous topics in partial differential equations [E] / Difference equations etc.

  • CT052 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01893 (35R)] Existence and blow-up solutions of fractional reaction-diffusion system of SPDEs / Sankar Subramani (Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu.) et al.
    • [02222 (35R)] Unfolding operator in Heisenberg group and its applications / Abu Sufian (TIFR- Centre for Applicable Mathematics) et al.
    • [02027 (39A)] Understanding Difference Equation System Models using Telescoping Sums Method / Jerico Bravo Bacani (University of the Philippines Baguio) et al.
    • [02453 (39A)] Allee effects, Evolutionary game, and Ideal free strategies in Partial Migration Population / Yogesh Trivedi (Bits-Pilani, K.K Birla Goa Campus) et al.

[CT053] Approximation methods and numerical treatment of dynamical systems [A]

  • CT053 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01730 (37M)] A family of robust chaotic S-unimodal maps based on Gaussian function / Vinod Patidar (Sir Padampat Singhania University)
    • [00456 (37M)] Network representations of attractors for surrogates generation and change detection / Eugene Tan (The University of Western Australia) et al.
    • [00442 (37M)] On the dynamical properties of a max-plus model identified with the Lozi map / Shousuke Ohmori (Waseda University) et al.
    • [00457 (37M)] On limit cycles of discrete dynamical systems with positivity / Yoshihiro Yamazaki (Waseda University) et al.
    • [01239 (37M)] Convergence analysis of the discrete consensus-based optimization algorithm / Dongnam Ko (The Catholic University of Korea)

[CT054] Approximation methods and numerical treatment of dynamical systems [B] etc.

  • CT054 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00204 (37M)] Periodicity and Symmetry on a Class of Integral Equations with Weakly Singular Kernels / Shihchung Chiang (Chung Hua University)
    • [00939 (37M)] Learning Dynamical Systems from Invariant Measures / Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse (Cornell University) et al.
    • [00996 (37M)] A Decentralized Approach for Dynamic Graph Clustering / Hongyu Zhu (Raytheon Technologies Research Center) et al.
    • [02220 (37M)] Analytical approximation of phase dynamics for oscillators without polar symmetry / Ivan Leon (Tokyo Tech Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [01467 (42A)] General double-sided Orthogonal Planes Split QFT and Wavelet Transform on functions and distribution spaces. / Hakim MONAIM (Moulay Ismail University)

[CT055] Applications of dynamical systems [A]

  • CT055 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00504 (37N)] Solar Influence on Earth’s Seismicity and Applications in Earthquake Forecasting / Matheus Henrique Junqueira Saldanha (Graduate School of Science and Technology, University of Tsukuba) et al.
    • [00022 (37N)] Interaction between sardines, anchovies and swordfish in moroccan coasts with high and low tide / Nossaiba Baba (Hassan II University of Casablanca) et al.
    • [00525 (37N)] Global effect of COVID-19 disease dynamics on tertiary education system in developing countries / John Olajide Akanni (Koladaisi University Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria) et al.
    • [00526 (37N)] Fractional-order Model of COVID-19 Dynamics in a Population with Limited Public Health Resources / John Olajide Akanni (Koladaisi University Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria ) et al.
    • [00628 (37N)] Resource Dependent Competition and Extinction / Robert Garvey (University of Limerick) et al.

[CT056] Applications of dynamical systems [B]

  • CT056 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01979 (37N)] Role of influenza vaccination in reducing the disease burden associated with COVID-19 / Minjin Kim (University of Soongsil) et al.
    • [02167 (37N)] Optimal bacterial resource allocation: a metabolite production model in bioreactors / Jean-Luc Gouze (Inria Sophia-Antipolis)
    • [02393 (37N)] Effect of adding reactions on the chemical reaction network sensitivity / Atsuki Hishida (Kyoto University) et al.
    • [00610 (37N)] Input-output finite time stabilization for nonlinear networked control systems / Marshal Anthoni Selvaraj (Anna University Regional Campus Coimbatore)
    • [00880 (37N)] Disturbance rejection based modified repetitive control design for stabilization of Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems / Antony Crispin Sweety Charles Selvaraj (Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore)

[CT057] Applications of dynamical systems [C]

  • CT057 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01308 (37N)] Disturbance estimation-based predictive tracking control design for semi-Markovian jump systems with time-varying input delay / Harshavarthini Shanmugam (Assistant Professor)
    • [00740 (37N)] Accurate nonlinear reduction of low-dimensional data in a high-dimensional space / Shinya Watanabe (Ibaraki University) et al.
    • [01924 (37N)] Mixed Leader-Follower Dynamics / Hsin-Lun Li (National Sun Yat-Sen university )
    • [00491 (37N)] Introduction and Advances in Time Series Analysis With Reservoir Computing / Braden John Thorne (University of Western Australia) et al.
    • [01443 (37N)] Absolute concentration robustness in reaction networks with power-law kinetics / Noel Fortun (De La Salle University, Manila) et al.

[CT058] Approximations and expansions etc.

  • CT058 [ Aug.21 : 1C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02401 (41A)] A low-degree normalized B-spline-like representation for Hermite osculatory interpolation problems / Salah Eddargani ( University of Rome Tor Vergata Rome) et al.
    • [00986 (41A)] Approximation results for Gradient Descent trained Shallow Neural Networks / Gerrit Welper (University of Central Florida) et al.
    • [01472 (41A)] The Arithmetic Mean iterative methods for solving brain glioma growth models / Jumat Sulaiman (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) et al.
    • [02073 (42B)] Graph convolutional networks for graph signal processing / Jia He (Illinois Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02035 (42C)] General double-sided orthogonal planes split QFT and wavelet transform on functions and distribution spaces / Hakim Monaim (Moulay Ismail University)

[CT059] Integral transforms, operational calculus etc.

  • CT059 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00834 (44A)] Analytical Solution for Linearized Diffusive Wave with Concentrated Lateral Inflow / Shiva Kandpal (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.
    • [02594 (44A)] Two-dimensional fractional Stockwell transform on quaternion valued functions and its applications / Roopkumar Rajakumar (Central University of Tamil Nadu)
    • [01844 (44A)] Operational Matrix Based Numerical Scheme for Fractional Differential Equations / Ashish Awasthi (National Institute of Technology Calicut) et al.
    • [02046 (44A)] Applications to give an analytical solution to the Black Scholes equation / Nobert Sudland (Aage GmbH, Rontgenstraße, Aalen) et al.
    • [00896 (45D)] Error analysis of Jacobi modified projection-type method for weakly singular Volterra–Hammerstein integral equations / Kapil Kant (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)

[CT060] Fredholm integral equations etc.

  • CT060 [ Aug.21 : 1C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01251 (45B)] Integral Equations Techniques for Floating Flexible Membrane / SANTANU KOLEY (Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani, Hyderabad Campus)
    • [01478 (45B)] Water wave interaction with porous wave barriers placed over stepped-seabed. / SANTANU KUMAR DASH (Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad campus) et al.
    • [01479 (45B)] Water wave trapping by porous barriers using boundary element method. / KAILASH CHAND SWAMI (Birla Institute of Technology & Science-Pilani,Hyderabad Campus) et al.
    • [01489 (45B)] Mathematical modelling of hybrid wave energy converter device / KSHMA TRIVEDI (Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad campus) et al.
    • [02030 (45G)] Analysis on approximate solutions of second kind Fredholm integral equations by Discrete Projection Methods.

[CT061] Integro-partial differential equations etc.

  • CT061 [ Aug.21 : 1D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01020 (45J)] Singularly perturbed integro-differential equation with a discontinuous source term / Ajay Singh Rathore (National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.) et al.
    • [01651 (45K)] Coagulation equations for non-spherical clusters / Iulia Cristian (University of Bonn) et al.
    • [00408 (45K)] Reducing Complexity of a Population Balance Model for Synthesis of Composite Polymer Particles / Simone Rusconi (CUNEF Universidad) et al.
    • [02356 (45Q)] Reconstruction of Multipolar Acoustic Sources using Sparse Measurements / Abdul Wahab (Nazarbayev University)
    • [00016 (45R)] Existence and Attractivity Results for Volterra Type Nonlinear Perturbed Random Integral Equations / SIDDHARTH GANESH SHETE (Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Nanded Maharashtra )

[CT062] Distributions, generalized functions, distribution spaces etc.

  • CT062 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00884 (46-)] Time-Frequency Analysis of Functional Datasets / Monika Dörfler (University of Vienna) et al.
    • [02369 (46F)] Unique continuation results for generalized ray transforms / Divyansh Agrawal (TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics (CAM)) et al.
    • [00724 (46F)] Applicability to information engineering using the Sato’s hyperfunction / HIROSHI MURAYAMA (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, SOKA University) et al.
    • [00726 (46F)] Considerations of similarity with Sato’s hyperfunction and Birkhoff-Rott equation / Yuya Taki (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, SOKA University) et al.
    • [02534 (46N)] Solving a Tree Genetic Diversity Via Homogeneous Self Dual Embedding / Alvian Alif Hidayatullah (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) et al.

[CT063] Integral, integro-differential, and pseudodifferential operators etc.

  • CT063 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00512 (47A)] Rigged Hilbert Space Formulation for Many-Body Quantum Theory / Junichi Takahashi (Waseda University) et al.
    • [02301 (47G)] Weak Maximum Principle for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems / Julia Huschens (Trier University)
    • [02303 (47G)] Coupling Of Nonlocal Neumann Problems / Michael Vu (University Trier)
    • [00291 (47H)] Graph Convergence and Iterative Algorithm for a System of Generalized Nonlinear Variational-like Inclusions / Suliman S Al-Homidan (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)
    • [00585 (49-)] Computational and Optimization Frameworks for Tissue Vascularization in Bioprinted Grafts / Chris Bashur (Florida Institute of Technology) et al.

[CT064] Miscellaneous applications of operator theory etc.

  • CT064 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02632 (47N)] Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition (BEMD) for Texture Analysis / Rosa Piotrkowski (ITECA (UNSAM-CONICET), ECyT, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina) et al.
    • [00997 (47N)] A Normal Map-Based Perspective on Second Order Theory for Composite Problems: Second Order Conditions, Metric Regularity, and Nonsingularity / Wenqing Ouyang (The Chinese University of HongKong(Shenzhen)) et al.
    • [01247 (47N)] Gradient-push algorithm for distributed optimization with event-triggered communications / jimyeong kim (Sungkyunkwan University) et al.
    • [00648 (49K)] Bounds for effective conductivity of multimaterial composites / Andrej Cherkaev (University of Utah)
    • [01946 (49K)] Optimal Control of Stationary Doubly Diffusive Flows on Lipschitz Domains / Arbaz Khan (IIT Roorkee) et al.

[CT065] Existence theories in calculus of variations and optimal control [A]

  • CT065 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00329 (49J)] A-posteriori error estimates for parabolic optimal control problems with controls acting on lower dimensional manifolds / Rajen Kumar Sinha (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.
    • [01805 (49J)] A priori error estimates for parabolic interface problems with measure data / Jhuma Sen Gupta (BITS Pilani Hyderabad)
    • [02199 (49J)] Overhang penalization in additive manufacturing using structural topology optimization / Harald Garcke (University of Regensburg) et al.
    • [00742 (49J)] Analysis and numerical study of a mixed formulation of a bilateral obstacle problem / El Bekkaye Mermri (Faculty of Science, Mohammed Premier University, Oujda) et al.
    • [03053 (49J)] Risk-averse optimal control of random elliptic variational inequalities / Amal Alphonse (WIAS, Berlin)

[CT066] Existence theories in calculus of variations and optimal control [B] / Hamilton-Jacobi theories / Variational methods for eigenvalues of operators / Finite geometry and special incidence structures / Real and complex geometry

  • CT066 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00629 (49J)] Stability Analysis of Split Equality and Split Feasibility Problems / Huong Thi Vu (Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) et al.
    • [02374 (49L)] Embarrassingly-parallel optimization algorithms for high-dimensional optimal control / Gabriel Provencher Langlois (New York University) et al.
    • [00238 (49R)] Numerical Schemes for Generalized Isoperimetric Constraint Fractional Variational Problem / Rajesh Kumar Pandey (IIT (BHU), Varanasi)
    • [00796 (51E)] Universal Formula for Area of all Polygons / Wisdom Malachy Uke (Geometry)
    • [00567 (51M)] Topology-aware algorithm for constructing cartograms from density-equalising map projections / Michael T Gastner (Yale-NUS College) et al.

[CT067] Numerical methods in optimal control etc.

  • CT067 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00542 (49M)] Approximations of quasi-linear elliptic optimal control problems under variational and virtual discretizations / Anil Kumar (BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus, Goa (India)) et al.
    • [00091 (49M)] An infeasible interior-point arc-search algorithm for nonlinear constrained optimization / Einosuke Iida (Tokyo Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [00790 (49M)] Machine learning methods with error analysis for optimal control problems / Georg Vossen (Kreleld University of Applied Sciences) et al.
    • [00169 (49M)] Decentralized strategies for coupled shape and parameter inverse problems / Abderrahmane HABBAL (University Cote d’Azur Inria CNRS)
    • [01870 (51N)] Point in a Polyhedron: A Computational Approach / ARINDAM BHATTACHARYYA (JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY)

[CT068] Miscellaneous topics in calculus of variations and optimal control etc.

  • CT068 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01930 (49N)] Duality for higher-order interval-valued problems and its application / Vivek Dhingra (Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala)
    • [01954 (49N)] Functionally Constrained Disturbances in Guarantee Optimization Problems / Dmitrii A. Serkov (Krasovskii institute of mathematics and mechanics)
    • [02286 (49N)] Partially Observable Stochastic Control with Memory Limitation and Mean-Field Approach / Takehiro Tottori (The University of Tokyo) et al.
    • [02032 (52C)] Stable Minimization of Discrete Conformal Energy for Disk Conformal Parameterization / Zhong-Heng Tan (School of Mathematics, Southeast University) et al.

[CT069] Manifolds and measure-geometric topics

  • CT069 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00680 (49Q)] Computing p-Harmonic Descent Directions for Shape Optimization / Martin Siebenborn (University of Hamburg) et al.
    • [00797 (49Q)] Shape optimization methods and Stokes equations / Chahnaz Zakia TIMIMOUN (Université Oran1 Ahmed Ben Bella)
    • [02321 (49Q)] Anisotropic perimeter approximation for topology optimization / Samuel Amstutz (Ecole polytechnique) et al.
    • [00122 (49Q)] Exact expansion of functions using partial derivatives: sensitivity analysis / Matieyendou LAMBONI (université de Guyane)
    • [00619 (49Q)] Optimal Transport for Positive and Unlabeled Learning / Jie ZHANG (University of Hong Kong) et al.

[CT070] Distance geometry etc.

  • CT070 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01548 (49Q)] Quadratically Regularized Bilevel Optimal Transport / Sebastian Hillbrecht (Technische Universität Dortmund)
    • [02087 (51K)] Best Approximation in Euclidean Space: A Supply Distribution Efficiency Model / Rosalio Jr Gaid Artes (Mindanao State University – Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography)
    • [02111 (51K)] Geometric visual model for linear derivation of elliptical orbits in 3-dimensional space / Hiroyuki Nishimoto (Kochi University)
    • [02473 (53B)] Applications of Bures-Wasserstein geometry of HPD matrices to signal detection / Yusuke Ono (Keio University) et al.
    • [02399 (53Z)] Gravitation of Deformed Charged Spheres / Khalid Saifullah (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad )

[CT071] Global differential geometry / Algebraic topology etc.

  • CT071 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02394 (53C)] Gaussian distributions on Riemannian symmetric spaces of non-positive curvature / Cyrus Mostajeran (Nanyang Technological University) et al.
    • [00489 (53C)] Curvature related properties of Finsler manifolds and applications / Sorin Sabau (Tokai University)
    • [01100 (54A)] Intuitionistic fuzzy weakly π generalized closed set / Vaithiyalingam K (Sri Vasavi College , Bharathiar University )
    • [01209 (55-)] Detecting CoVid 19 using Topology / Muhammad Imran Qureshi (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals) et al.
    • [01680 (55-)] Dual Graph Based n-Holes Detecting for Persistent Homology of Data / Taekgeun Jung (Korea University) et al.

[CT072] Partial differential equations on manifolds; differential operators etc.

  • CT072 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02312 (57-)] Fractional controllability problem of semilinear hyperbolic systems / Mustapha Benoudi (Moulay Ismail University)
    • [00805 (57K)] A Topological Model of Textile Structures / Sonia Mahmoudi (Drexel University)
    • [00948 (58J)] Existence results for elliptic (p,q)-Laplacian problems with nonlinear boundary conditions / Mariya Sadiki (University of Moulay Ismail)
    • [02647 (58J)] Poincaré operators for BGG complexes / Andreas Čap (University of Vienna) et al.
    • [02471 (60-)] Heuristic Optimization and Control policy of M/M/1 Retrial Queue, Breakdown / Sibasish Dhibar (Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee) et al.

[CT073] Distribution theory etc.

  • CT073 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00174 (60E)] On General Exponential Weight Functions and Variation Phenomenon / Rahma Abid (postdoc)
    • [01242 (60E)] A NEW HYBRID APPROACH BASED ON PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTION AND AN IMPROVED MACHINE LEARNING FOR MULTIVARIATE RISK ASSESSMENT / Abdelhakim Azzedine (Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation Lab,Badji Mokhtar University-Annaba) et al.
    • [02225 (60E)] On Fractional Lah-Bell Polynomials and Numbers / Ritik Soni (Central University of Punjab) et al.
    • [01114 (60E)] Modeling Covid-19 Cases and Vaccination Interplay through Time-Varying Copula Approach / Atina Ahdika (Universitas Islam Indonesia)
    • [01667 (62C)] Estimation of the Selected Entropy / Masihuddin . (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY KANPUR) et al.

[CT074] Limit theorems in probability theory etc.

  • CT074 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01051 (60F)] Moderate Deviations for Shell Model of Turbulence / Sridevi C.S. (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu)
    • [02188 (60F)] Rare events of weak noise-driven dynamical systems / Mnerh Alqahtani (University of Hafr Al Batin) et al.
    • [01009 (60F)] A phase transition of various retention rules from multivariate analysis for big datasets. / Atina Husnaqilati(Department Mathematics Tohoku University) et al.
    • [00338 (62D)] Classifying datasets with imputed missing values: does imputation quality matter? / Michael Roberts (University of Cambridge)
    • [00872 (62K)] Stability Estimates in Bayesian D-Optimal Experimental Design / Tapio Helin (Lappeenranta University of Technology) et al.

[CT075] Stochastic processes

  • CT075 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02436 (60G)] Subordinated Stochastic Processes and Applications / Arun Kumar (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Rupnagar, Punjab, India 140001)
    • [01501 (60G)] Separation of Scales and a Thermodynamic Description of Feature Learning in Some CNNs / Inbar Seroussi (Tei-Aviv University) et al.
    • [00572 (60G)] Model uncertainty for statistical arbitrage / Daisuke Yoshikawa (Kansai University)
    • [01602 (60G)] Infinite-server Systems with Hawkes Processes / Dharmaraja Selvamuthu (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) et al.
    • [00583 (60G)] The empirical measure of invariant fields on sphere-cross-time / Domenico Marinucci (University of Roma “Tor Vergata”) et al.

[CT076] Stochastic analysis

  • CT076 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02343 (60H)] Construction and analysis of splitting methods for Chemical Langevin Equations / Evelyn Buckwar (Johannes Kepler University) et al.
    • [02547 (60H)] Split S-ROCK methods for stiff It\^{o} stochastic differential equations / Yoshio Komori (Kyushu Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [01044 (60H)] Nonlinear SPDE models of particle systems / Ana Djurdjevac (Freie Universität Berlin)
    • [01806 (60H)] Well-posedness of a class of SPDE with fully monotone coefficients perturbed by Levy noise / Ankit Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttarakhand ) et al.
    • [00562 (60H)] Steady-state density preserving method for second-order stochastic differential equations / Hugo de la Cruz (School of Applied Mathematics)

[CT077] Markov processes etc.

  • CT077 [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00591 (60H)] Convergence rate of RBSDE by penalisation and its financial applications / Wanqing WANG (Ecole Polytechnique) et al.
    • [01066 (60J)] Probability of Disease Extinction or Outbreak in a Stochastic Epidemic Model for Zika Virus Dynamics in Humans / Partha Sarathi Mandal (National Institute of Technology Patna)
    • [02602 (60J)] Brownian Motion Involves Range-Based Volatility for Asset Pricing Model / Nurma Diyanni Mulya (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
    • [00229 (60J)] Mathematical modeling of spatial distribution of COVID-19 epidemic / Jacques Demongeot (University of Grenoble Alpes) et al.
    • [00700 (65-)] Enhanced Numerov method for the solution of Boundary Value Problems / Grace Oluwafunke ALAO (Covenant University)

[CT078] Special processes etc.

  • CT078 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01980 (60K)] Semi-Markov modeling for power efficiency of NB-IoT devices in 5G networks / Vidyottama Jain (Central University of Rajasthan) et al.
    • [00514 (60K)] Diffusion approximation of a Markov-modulated infinite-server queue / Selvaraju Natarajan (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India) et al.
    • [01146 (60K)] Steady-State Analysis of a Single Server Queueing System Subject to Differentiated Vacations and N-Policy / SURANGA SAMPATH MIYANAWATHURA IHALA GAMAGE (Wayamba University of Sri Lanka)
    • [02241 (60K)] Modeling and Analysis of Queueing Systems in Communication Networks / Seyyed Ali Mohammadiyeh (University of Kashanof Kashan)
    • [02573 (65A)] Local convergence analysis of modified King’s family for multiple roots / Saurabh Bhatia (Panjab University Chandigarh)

[CT079] Statistics etc.

  • CT079 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02198 (62-)] Application of Machine Learning Algorithms for Air Quality Classification / Hasih Pratiwi (Universitas Sebelas Maret) et al.
    • [02549 (62-)] Copula for Markov Chain Model with Binomial Time Series Data / Pepi Novianti (Universitas Gadjah Mada, University of Bengkulu) et al.
    • [02191 (62-)] Analysis Seismic Data in Sumatra Using Robust Sparse K-Means Clustering / Ulfasari Rafflesia (Univestitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta) et al.
    • [01056 (62-)] Statistical methodology for functional meta-analysis of sex-based disparities in neurological diseases / Marta R. Hidalgo (CIPF) et al.
    • [00076 (65B)] The effect of Anderson acceleration on nonlinear solver convergence order / Leo Rebholz (Clemson University)

[CT080] Parametric inference etc.

  • CT080 [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00041 (62F)] Clinical time delay distributions of COVID-19 in the South Korea / Eunha Shim (Department of Mathematics, Soongsil University, Republic of Korea) et al.
    • [00516 (62F)] Parameters Estimation For Car Following Models Using Bayesian Inference / Samson Ting (The University of Western Australia) et al.
    • [00871 (62F)] Stochastic Sampling Techniques for Muscle Recruitment Distribution with Longitudinal Prior / Mercy Gyamea Amankwah (Case Western Reserve University) et al.
    • [01648 (62F)] Parameter identifiability for extensions of the Fisher-KPP model / Yue Liu (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [02398 (65G)] Mixed-precision Paterson–Stockmeyer method for evaluating matrix polynomials / Nicholas J. Higham (The University of Manchester) et al.

[CT081] Nonparametric inference etc.

  • CT081 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02011 (62G)] Network models with truncated Poisson-Dirichlet process priors / Junyi Zhang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) et al.
    • [01132 (62G)] Nonparametric Moment-based Estimation of Simulated Models via Regularized Regression / Mario Martinoli (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies) et al.
    • [00560 (62G)] Semiparametric Kernel Estimation with Bayesian Bandwidths for Multivariate Nonnegative Data / Célestin C. Kokonendji (Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté)
    • [02249 (65J)] An Adaptive Time Stepping Scheme for Rate-Independent Systems / Merlin Andreia (TU Dortmund University) et al.
    • [00887 (65T)] Higher order Haar wavelet method for parabolic inverse problem / Gopal Priyadarshi (KIng Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

[CT082] Multivariate analysis

  • CT082 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02037 (62H)] Two-stage Bivariate Distribution Estimation based on B-spline approach / Nezha Mohaoui (Moulay Ismail University )
    • [01459 (62H)] Estimating parameters of multi-component Chirp Model with equal chirp rates / Abhinek Shukla (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, IIT Kanpur) et al.
    • [01601 (62H)] Estimation of the Elementary Chirp Model Parameters / Anjali Mittal (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) et al.
    • [00803 (62H)] Epilepsy MEG network TERGM analysis / Haeji Lee (Duksung women’s university) et al.
    • [00189 (62H)] A New Strategy in Developing Location Model / Hashibah Hamid (SQS, UUM)

[CT083] Linear inference, regression etc.

  • CT083 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02442 (62H)] Geopolitical and Demographic Possible Factor affecting COVID-19 Spread level with OPLSDA approach / Noviana Pratiwi (Gadjah Mada University) et al.
    • [01435 (62H)] Automatic generation of terrain maps using sequences of satellite images / Aritz Pérez (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics) et al.
    • [02606 (62J)] Modeling Indonesian Government Bond Yield Curve during Covid-19 Pandemic Time / Dedi Rosadi (Universitas Gadjah Mada) et al.
    • [02336 (62J)] Within-Groups Generalized M-Estimators in One-Way Unbalanced Panel Data Model / Desi Yuniarti (Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta) et al.
    • [01176 (62J)] Analysis of Girl Child School Dropout With Multiple Regression / Emmanuel Apraku Amankwah (University of Energy and Natural Resources)

[CT084] Inference from stochastic processes etc.

  • CT084 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02315 (62M)] On Adaptive Kalman Filtration / Yury Kutoyants (Le Mans University )
    • [02365 (62M)] Fuzzy C-Medoids Clustering on the Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Against the Indonesian Rupiah / Vemmie Nastiti Lestari (Universitas Gadjah Mada) et al.
    • [02316 (62M)] Spatio-temporal modeling with SPDE based GMRF / Corinna Perchtold (Johannes Kepler University, Linz) et al.
    • [00112 (68-)] Vibration control on unplanned change in vehicle mass model / Darakhshan Jabeen Syeda (Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi)
    • [01017 (68-)] Feature Collisions in Neural Networks: Theory and Practice / Utku Ozbulak (Ghent University) et al.

[CT085] Survival analysis and censored data etc.

  • CT085 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02420 (62N)] Nonparametric Bivariate Density Estimation for Missing Censored Lifetimes / Lirit Fuksman (The University of Texas at Dallas)
    • [01452 (62N)] Some Statistical Properties and Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Parameters of Bivariate Modified Weibull Distribution with its Real-Life Applications / Sanjay Kumar (Ph.D. Student, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) et al.
    • [01732 (62N)] Properties and Estimation of Parameters of Bivariate Modified Weibull Distribution / Sanjay Kumar (Ph.D. Student) et al.
    • [00098 (68P)] Robust bring your own encryption algorithm using generalized heat equation associated with generalized Vigen$\grave{e}$re-type table over symmetric group / Manish Kumar (BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, Telangana, India)
    • [02159 (68R)] A method for metabolic pathway finding from gene expression data / Jon Pey (Intelligent Biodata SL)

[CT086] Applications of statistics [A]

  • CT086 (1/2) [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00510 (62P)] Optimal Impact Portfolios with General Dependence and Marginals / Andrew W Lo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02034 (62P)] Relation between transaction costs and search frictions in optimal maximization / Jin Hyuk Choi (UNIST)
    • [02093 (62P)] British Call Option On Stocks under Stochastic Interest Rate / Felipe Jr Raypan Sumalpong (Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02348 (62P)] Multi-day Value-at-Risk estimation by GARCH and Extreme Value Theory / Ichiro Nishi (Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.)
    • [02559 (62P)] Range-Based Volatility for Range Mortality-at-Risk Forecast / Darin Sabrina (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
  • CT086 (2/2) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02576 (62P)] Estimating Elicitable Risk Measures for Dependent Risk Model / Suci Sari (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
    • [02577 (62P)] Risk Measure-Based Optimal Combination of Proportional and Limited Stop-Loss Reinsurance / Lailatul Mufaridho (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
    • [02601 (62P)] Fractional GBM-ARMA-GARCH Models for Aggregate Risk Forecasting in Stock Markets / Elonasari Elonasari (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
    • [02319 (62P)] Parameter estimation of the Richards model in multi-wave epidemic cases / Faihatuz Zuhairoh (Universitas Gadjah Mada ) et al.

[CT087] Applications of statistics [B]

  • CT087 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02487 (62P)] Asset Forecasting Using Geometric Brownian Motion and Variance Gamma Models / Abdul Hoyyi (Gadjah Mada University) et al.
    • [02572 (62P)] LDA Hyper-parameters Regulation for Qualitative Studies in Management / Abdurakhman Abdurakhman (Mathematics Department, Gadjah Mada University) et al.
    • [01068 (62P)] Reverse engineering controller area network using the Pearson correlation coefficient / David Rocha (Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Universidade de Aveiro) et al.
    • [00343 (62P)] A wavelet-based methodology to compare the impact of COVID-19 pandemic versus Russia-Ukraine conflict on crude oil sector and its interconnectedness with other energy and non-energy markets / Archi Roy (Doctoral student (Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, Pune)) et al.
    • [00706 (62P)] Peak and Short-term Electricity demand using Kalman Filtered Monte-Carlo Method / Frank Kofi Owusu (Kumasi Technical University) et al.

[CT088] Computer aspects of numerical algorithms etc.

  • CT088 [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00947 (62P)] Statistical analysis of neonatal mortality predictors in Ghana / Elizabeth Dufie Amankwah (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) et al.
    • [02582 (62P)] Modeling and Data Analytic Approaches in Environmental Retrieval Problems / Hugo Wai Leung MAK (CUHK)
    • [00836 (65Y)] Reynolds-blended weights for BDDC in applications to Navier-Stokes equations / Martin Hanek (Czech Technical University in Prague, Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences)
    • [02267 (65Y)] A Massively Parallel Performance Portable Free Space Spectral Poisson Solver for Beam and Plasma Physics Problems / Sonali Mayani (Paul Scherrer Institute) et al.
    • [01997 (65Y)] Robust continuation method for computing solution curves with critical points / Sophie Leger (Université de Moncton)

[CT089] Probabilistic methods, stochastic differential equations [A]

  • CT089 [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00396 (65C)] A Stochastic Approach for the Computation of Large-Scale Matrix Functions / Nicolas Guidotti (INESC-ID, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa)
    • [00476 (65C)] Hierarchical Sampling Techniques and Goal-Oriented Adaptive Finite Element for Elliptic PDE with Lognormal Coefficients / Joakim Beck (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) et al.
    • [00694 (65C)] Large deviation theory-based adaptive importance sampling for rare events in high dimensions / Shanyin Tong (Columbia University) et al.
    • [00832 (65C)] Monte Carlo estimation of equity measures for apportionment problem / Hozumi Morohosi (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
    • [01001 (65C)] Recent developments on low-discrepancy point sets for Markov chain quasi-Monte Carlo / Shin Harase (Ritsumeikan University)

[CT090] Probabilistic methods, stochastic differential equations [B]

  • CT090 [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01159 (65C)] A multiscale framework for rigid bodies in Stokes flow with applications to nanocellulose / Anna Broms (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02305 (65C)] Simulating First Passage Times for Ito Diffusions / Evelyn Buckwar (Johannes Kepler University) et al.
    • [02361 (65C)] A unified framework for convergence analysis of stochastic gradient algorithms with momentum: a linear two-step approach / Qian Guo (Shanghai Normal University) et al.
    • [02532 (65C)] Stochastic pseudo-symplectic explicit Runge-Kutta methods for Hamiltonian Systems / cristina adela anton (MacEwan University)
    • [02215 (65C)] Solving Fokker-Planck Equation in High Dimensions via Milestoning / Ziheng Chen (University of Texas at Austin) et al.

[CT091] Nonlinear algebraic or transcendental equations etc.

  • CT091 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01309 (65C)] Deep Learning Methods for BSDEs/PDEs in Finance / Daniel Bussell (UCL)
    • [00318 (65H)] Efficient iterative methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations / Himani Arora (Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab) et al.
    • [00668 (65H)] Solution of Non-linear Problems Through Variant of Newton’s Method with Applications in Engineering / Sonia Bhalla (Chandigarh University)
    • [00008 (65H)] Semi Analytic Solution for Coupled (n+1)-dimensional Viscous Burgers’ Equation using Homotopy Perturbation Method / Shelly Arora (Punjabi University, Patiala) et al.
    • [00548 (65H)] Selection of Linear Operator and Initial Guess for Homotopy Methods / Tapas Roy (Vidyasagar University)

[CT092] Numerical approximation and computational geometry (primarily algorithms) [A]

  • CT092 [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01016 (65D)] Approximate formula for indefinite convolutions by the DE-Sinc method / Tomoaki Okayama (Hiroshima City University)
    • [01053 (65D)] Radial Basis for Solving high-dimensional PDEs in Option Pricing / Désiré Yannick TANGMAN (University of Mauritius)
    • [00225 (65D)] Multidimensional WENO-AO Reconstructions Using A Simplified Smoothness Indicator / Chiehsen Huang (National Sun Yat-sen University) et al.
    • [02377 (65D)] Accurate approximation of layer potentials evaluated near surfaces of spherical topology / David Krantz (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02664 (65D)] Numerical compression of QMC rules for integration / Giacomo Elefante (University of Padova) et al.

[CT093] Numerical approximation and computational geometry (primarily algorithms) [B] etc.

  • CT093 [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00241 (65D)] Adaptive sparse interpolation in high dimensions and applications to surrogate modeling in chemical engineering. / saad benjelloun (Makhbar institute) et al.
    • [02701 (65D)] Pricing Multi-Asset American Options in Dynamic Programming with Sparse Grids / Jiefei Yang (The University of Hong Kong) et al.
    • [01725 (65D)] Correlated random displacements computed by the Spectral Lanczos Decomposition Method and Barycentric Lagrange Treecode / Lei Wang (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) et al.
    • [02546 (65D)] Local RBF-Based Meshless Method for Solving Space-Time Fractional PDEs / Dongfang Yun (Central South University)
    • [02108 (70-)] Particle dynamics model for the coarsening process of phase separation / Daisuke Furihata (Osaka University)

[CT094] Numerical linear algebra [A]

  • CT094 [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02520 (65F)] A direct method for solving a structured Sylvester equation / Yung-Ta Li (Fu Jen Catholic University)
    • [01042 (65F)] Preconditioners of Reduced Dimension for Vector Field Problems / Duk-Soon Oh (Chungnam National University)
    • [01183 (65F)] Development of algebraic preconditioners based on multiscale domain decomposition methods / Franciane F. Rocha (Wikki Brazil) et al.
    • [00544 (65F)] Quantification of Entangled Bipartite Systems / Moody T. Chu (North Carolina State University)
    • [00734 (65F)] PARALLEL-IN-TIME SOLVER FOR THE ALL-AT-ONCE RUNGE-KUTTA DISCRETIZATION / Luca Bergamaschi (University of Padua)

[CT095] Numerical linear algebra [B]

  • CT095 [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01675 (65F)] Solution of Linear Systems of Equations using a Gauss-Seidel-based Method / Olabode Matthias Bamigbola (University of Ilorin) et al.
    • [02325 (65F)] A Hybrid Method for Solving Linear KKT Systems / Shaked Regev (Gridmatic)
    • [00325 (65F)] Constrained Spectral Dilation of a Matrix / Rafikul Alam (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
    • [00337 (65F)] Extending Matrix-less Methods for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors / David Meadon (Uppsala University)
    • [00823 (65F)] Weighted Trace-Penalty Minimization for Full Configuration Interaction / Weiguo Gao (Fudan University) et al.

[CT096] Numerical linear algebra [C]

  • CT096 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00883 (65F)] Convergence of the Eberlein diagonalization method / Erna Begovic (University of Zagreb) et al.
    • [01206 (65F)] Fast Algorithms for Maxwell’s Equations for Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals / Xing-Long Lyu (Southeast University) et al.
    • [01254 (65F)] Fast SVD-Preconditioned Eigensolver for 3D Phononic Crystals / Tiexiang Li (Southeast University) et al.
    • [01371 (65F)] A mixed element scheme of Helmholtz transmission eigenvalue problem for anisotropic media / Qing Liu (School of Mathematics, Southeast University) et al.
    • [01052 (65F)] Large systems of linear equations in particle transport problems / Rudnei Dias da Cunha (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) et al.

[CT097] Numerical linear algebra [D] etc.

  • CT097 [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00771 (65F)] New class of Nested Hierarchical matrices and its applications / Ritesh Khan (Indian Institute of Technology Madras) et al.
    • [02053 (65F)] An efficient preconditioner for the Riemannian trust-region method on the manifold of fixed-rank matrices / Marco Sutti (National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Mathematics Division, Taipei, Taiwan)
    • [01179 (65F)] Applications of a Tiled Monte Carlo Algorithm to the Computation of Matrix Functions / Hyeji Choi (Stony Brook University)
    • [00835 (65F)] A shifted LOPBiCG method for solving nonsymmetric shifted linear systems / Ren-Jie Zhao (Nagoya University) et al.
    • [01226 (70B)] Health Care: Robotic Dog for Navigation of a Rehabilitation Robot / Bibhya Nand Sharma (The University of the South Pacific ) et al.

[CT098] Numerical methods for mathematical programming, optimization and variational techniques

  • CT098 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00302 (65K)] Manifold-Free Riemannian Optimization / Boris Shustin (Tel-Aviv University) et al.
    • [00842 (65K)] Iterative projection methods for solving cone-constrained eigenvalue complementarity problems / Nan Li (Nagoya University) et al.
    • [00527 (65K)] A fast Multiplicative Update algorithm for non-negative matrix factorization / Mai-Quyen PHAM (IMT Atlantique) et al.
    • [00693 (65K)] Enzyme: Fast and Effective Automatic Differentiation for Academia and Industry / William Steven Moses (MIT) et al.

[CT099] Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations [A]

  • CT099 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01283 (65L)] Global Convergence Domains for Fredholm Integral Equations / Sukhjit Singh (Dr BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar India ) et al.
    • [00889 (65L)] Multiple-Relaxation Runge Kutta Methods for Conservative Dynamical Systems / Abhijit Biswas (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)) et al.
    • [00907 (65L)] Taylor-Fourier integrators / Mari Paz Calvo (Universidad de Valladolid) et al.
    • [00903 (65L)] Port-Hamiltonian form and stochastic Galerkin method for ordinary differential equations / Roland Pulch (University of Greifswald)
    • [02106 (65L)] Numerical solver of ordinary differential equations based on IMT-DE variable transformation / Hidenori Ogata (The University of Electro-Communications)

[CT100] Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations [B]

  • CT100 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01007 (65L)] Stability & Accuracy of Free-Parameter Multistep Methods for 1st & 2nd-order IVPs / Michelle Ghrist (Gonzaga University) et al.
    • [02648 (65L)] Orthogonal Spline Collocation Methods for Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations / kapil k sharma (south asian university)
    • [02138 (65L)] Convergence Analysis of Leapfrog for Geodesics / Erchuan Zhang (University of Western Australia) et al.
    • [01015 (65L)] VMSFE Analysis of Transient MHD-NS Flow / Anil Rathi (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India)) et al.
    • [02318 (65L)] BDF2 Galerkin finite element scheme for cancer invasion reaction-diffusion system / Shangerganesh Lingeshwaran (National Institute of Technology Goa)

[CT101] Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations [C] etc.

  • CT101 (1/2) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00013 (65L)] Singularly perturbed problems on a graph / Vivek Kumar Aggarwal (Delhi Technological University)
    • [00858 (65L)] An adaptive spectral method for oscillatory second-order linear ODEs with frequency-independent cost / Fruzsina Julia Agocs (Center for Computational Mathematics, Flatiron Institute) et al.
    • [01055 (65L)] Uniformly Convergent dG method for two dimensional turning point problem / Kumar Rajeev Ranjan (National Institute of Technology Patna) et al.
    • [01151 (65L)] Structure-Preserving Neural Networks for Hamiltonian Systems / Philipp Horn (Eindhoven University of Technology) et al.
    • [02339 (65L)] An iterative analytic approximation to nonlinear reaction–diffusion equations / Manju Sharma (KVA DAV College, Karnal) et al.
  • CT101 (2/2) [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02643 (65L)] A higher-order difference approximation for the system of singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations on an equidistributed grid / ADITYA KAUSHIK (Delhi Technological University, Delhi)
    • [01153 (65P)] Analysis of driver’s behavior and average flow on traffic dynamics / Nikita Madaan (Chandigarh University) et al.
    • [00282 (65P)] Data Assimilation in Operator Algebras / Joanna Maja Slawinska (Dartmouth College, Department of Mathematics)
    • [00129 (65P)] Anomalous diffusion in standard maps with extensive chaotic phase spaces / Henok Tenaw Moges (University of Cape Town) et al.
    • [02022 (65P)] Use of jet transport for high order methods / Joan Gimeno (University of Barcelona) et al.

[CT102] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [A]

  • CT102 (1/4) [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00032 (65M)] A geometrically preservative semi-adaptive method for the numerical solution of Kawarada equations / Qin Sheng (Baylor University)
    • [00104 (65M)] High order approximation of Caputo-Prabhakar derivative and its application in solving time fractional Advection-Diffusion equation / DEEKSHA SINGH (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi) et al.
    • [00111 (65M)] A convergent numerical method for time-fractional reaction-diffusion equation / Anshima Singh (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi)
    • [00314 (65M)] The Orthogonal Spline Collocation Method for Parabolic Problems with Interfaces / Danumjaya Palla (BITS-Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus) et al.
    • [00328 (65M)] Schrödinger map and Multifractality / Sandeep Kumar (CUNEF University) et al.
  • CT102 (2/4) [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00387 (65M)] A-WENO Finite-Difference Schemes with a Jordan Based Splitting Flux / Naveen Kumar Garg (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India) et al.
    • [00513 (65M)] The perfectly matched layer for elastic waves in layered media / Siyang Wang (Umeå University)
    • [00906 (65M)] Efficient Finite-Difference WENO Scheme for Hyperbolic Systems with Non-Conservative Products / Dinshaw S Balsara (University of Notre Dame) et al.
    • [00999 (65M)] High-order energy stable schemes for the phase-field model by the Convex Splitting Runge-Kutta methods / Hyun Geun Lee (Kwangwoon University) et al.
    • [01162 (65M)] Higher-Order Numerical Approximation of Coupled System of Singularly Perturbed Time-Delay Parabolic PDEs on Generalized Adaptive Mesh / KAUSHIK MUKHERJEE (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram) et al.
  • CT102 (3/4) [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01248 (65M)] Reduction of Computational Cost with Optimal Accurate Approximation for Boundary Layer Originated Two Dimensional Coupled System of Convection Diffusion Reaction Problems / Pratibhamoy Das (Indian Institute of Technology Patna) et al.
    • [01634 (65M)] Mimetic schemes applied to the convection diffusion equation: A numerical comparison. / Jorge Ospino (Universidad del Norte) et al.
    • [01742 (65M)] A signed distance function preserving scheme for mean curvature flow and related applications / Chia-Chieh Jay Chu (National Tsing Hua UniversityB)
    • [01848 (65M)] A Higher Order Schwarz Domain Decomposition Method for Singularly Perturbed Differential Equation / AAKANSHA AAKANSHA (Indian Institutes of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi)
    • [02229 (65M)] Efficient numerical methods for time-fractional Black-Scholes equation arising in finance / Jaspreet Kaur Anand (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam) et al.
  • CT102 (4/4) [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02452 (65M)] Fifth-order WENO Schemes with Z-type Nonlinear Weights for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws / Jiaxi Gu (Pohang University of Science and Technology) et al.
    • [02495 (65M)] Hybrid WENO schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws with non-convex flux / Asha Kisan Dond (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram) et al.
    • [02560 (65M)] A Composite Adaptive Finite Point Method for 2D Burgers’ Equation / Ashish Awasthi (National Institute of Technology Calicut) et al.
    • [01004 (65M)] An Error Estimate for an Implicit-Upwind Finite Volume Scheme for Boussinesq Model / Chitranjan Pandey (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India) et al.
    • [01142 (65M)] Thermodynamically Consistent Finite Volume Schemes for Electrolyte Simulations / Jürgen Fuhrmann (Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics) et al.

[CT103] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [B]

  • CT103 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01177 (65M)] High-order Embedded Boundaries on HPC for Complex Applications / Hans Johansen (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
    • [01847 (65M)] Non-reflective boundary conditions for the piston problem of gas dynamics / Carlos Muñoz (KAUST)
    • [02593 (65M)] Modeling and simulation of mechano-chemical effect on two-phase avascular tumor / Paramjeet Singh (Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala)
    • [00738 (65M)] Proper Orthogonal Decomposition methods for the Navier Stokes equations / Julia Novo (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
    • [00743 (65M)] Recent Advances on POD methods for the Navier-Stokes equations. / Bosco García-Archilla (Universidad de Sevilla)

[CT104] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [C]

  • CT104 (1/2) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00962 (65M)] Discontinuous Galerkin method for a high order nonlocal conservation law / Afaf Bouharguane (University of Bordeaux) et al.
    • [00983 (65M)] Effective time step analysis of numerical schemes for gradient flows / Seunggyu Lee (Korea University) et al.
    • [01006 (65M)] VMS-based Stabilized FE Analysis of Time-dependent Coupled Unified Stokes-Brinkman-Transport Model / Manisha Chowdhury (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur) et al.
    • [01365 (65M)] Non symmetric discontinuous Galerkin method for fractional differential equations / GAUTAM SINGH (NIT TIRUCHIRAPPALLI)
  • CT104 (2/2) [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01986 (65M)] Low regularity time integration of NLS via discrete Bourgain spaces / Lun Ji (Universität Innsbruck) et al.
    • [02248 (65M)] Remedies for entropy growth from iterative methods in CFD / Viktor Linders (Lund University) et al.
    • [02568 (65M)] A pressure-stabilized projection Lagrange–Galerkin scheme for the transient Oseen problem / Shinya Uchiumi (Gakushuin University)
    • [02608 (65M)] Explorative computing for stable and consistent kinetic relaxation in lattice Boltzmann methods / Stephan Simonis (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02337 (65M)] Numerical analysis for the cancer invasion system with nonlocal diffusion / Kausika Chellamuthu (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore 641046, Tamil Nadu.) et al.

[CT105] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [D]

  • CT105 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00477 (65M)] Relaxation process of Cahn–Hilliard equations with dynamic boundary conditions / Keiichiro Kagawa (Waseda University) et al.
    • [01384 (65M)] Adaptive coupling method for multi-domain time integration for lithium-ion battery simulations / Ali ASAD (CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique) et al.
    • [00466 (65M)] One-Way propagation methods for Navier-Stokes equations / Maëlys RUELLO (ONERA The French Aerospace Lab) et al.
    • [02604 (65M)] Particle dynamics in the KP approximation / Juan-Ming Yuan (Providence University) et al.
    • [02654 (65M)] Convergence analysis of Element-free Galerkin method for singularly perturbed problems / Vivek Sangwan (Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Patiala, Punjab) et al.

[CT106] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [E]

  • CT106 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01135 (65M)] Computational framework for design, optimization, and control of sintering process / Rahul Dhopeshwar (TU Eindhoven) et al.
    • [00493 (65M)] Discontinuous Galerkin method for nonlinear time-fractional integro-partial differential equations / Natesan Srinivasan (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.
    • [00494 (65M)] A two-grid discontinuous Galerkin method to nonlinear time-fractional diffusion equations / SANDIP MAJI (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) et al.
    • [00568 (65M)] PRIMAL HYBRID METHOD FOR QUASILINEAR PARABOLIC PROBLEMS / Ajit Patel (The LNM Institute of Information Technology) et al.
    • [00627 (65M)] Approximated Well-Balnced DG enhanced by deep learning / emmanuel Franck (INRIA)

[CT107] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [F]

  • CT107 (1/2) [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00712 (65M)] Space-time discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Schrödinger equation / Sergio Alejandro Gomez Macias (University of Pavia) et al.
    • [00798 (65M)] Accelerating Low-Order Matrix-Free Finite Element Methods for Geophysics on GPU Architectures / Yohann Dudouit (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) et al.
    • [00852 (65M)] Energy stable and positive DG scheme for Keller-Segel equations / J. Rafael Rodríguez-Galván (Universidad de Cádiz) et al.
    • [00930 (65M)] Analysis and numerical approximation of energy-variational solutions to the Ericksen–Leslie equations / Maximilian Elias Vincenzo Reiter (Technische Universität Berlin)
    • [01018 (65M)] VMS Stablized FEA of M-NS Equations For Nano Thermal Fluid / Dipak Kumar Sahoo (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) et al.
  • CT107 (2/2) [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01105 (65M)] SIPG Method for boundary control problems governed by parabolic PDEs / Ram Manohar (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) et al.
    • [01728 (65M)] C0 IP Methods for Phase Field Crystal Equations / Amanda Emily Diegel (Mississippi State University) et al.
    • [01923 (65M)] Primal hybrid method for quasi-linear parabolic problems / RAVINA SHOKEEN (The LNM Institute of Information Technology) et al.
    • [02480 (65M)] Conservative Timesteppers for Fluid Mechanics via Finite Elements in Time / Boris Duncan Andrews (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [00617 (65M)] Low-regularity exponential-type integrators for the Zakharov system under rough data / Hang Li (Tsinghua University ) et al.

[CT108] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [G]

  • CT108 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00816 (65M)] Ultraspherical spectral methods for time-dependent problems / Avleen Kaur (University of Saskatchewan) et al.
    • [00934 (65M)] Slab LU, a sparse direct solver for heterogeneous architectures / Anna Yesypenko (University of Texas at Austin) et al.
    • [01062 (65M)] An anisotropic PDE model for Image Segmentation / Rathish Kumar Venkatesulu Bayya (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
    • [02645 (65M)] Septic Hermite interpolation polynomial for solving Korteweg de-Vries equation / Archna Kumari Kaundal (Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Longowal)
    • [00663 (65M)] Random Deep Splitting Algorithm for nonlinear parabolic PDEs and PIDEs / Ariel Neufeld (NTU Singapore) et al.

[CT109] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems [H]

  • CT109 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02218 (65M)] Self-gravitational force calculation of infinitesimally thin gaseous disks based on adaptive mesh refinement accelerated by sparse fast Fourier transform / Chien-Chang Yen (Fu Jen Catholic University)
    • [02624 (65M)] Numerical Method Approach of High Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V / Aezal Muhammad Faim (Razak Faculty of Technology & Informatics, UTM KL)
    • [01288 (65M)] A WENO-Based Scheme for Simulating Miscible Viscous-Fingering Instability in Highly Convection-Dominated Regimes / Surya Narayan Maharana (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar) et al.
    • [02300 (65M)] Stability of Euler implicit/explicit-SAV schemes for the Navier-Stokes equations / TENG-YUAN Chang (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

[CT110] Applications to the sciences etc.

  • CT110 [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02444 (65M)] Pricing American XVA with stochastic default intensity / Christina Christara (University of Toronto) et al.
    • [02510 (65M)] A posteriori virtual element method for the acoustic vibration problem / Felipe Lepe (Universidad del Bío Bío) et al.
    • [00365 (65Z)] Advancing Computerized Tomography: Deep-Learning based Regularization in Diffuse Optical Tomography / Paola Causin (University of Milano ) et al.
    • [00651 (65Z)] Parallel Coordinate Descent Methods for Full Configuration Interaction / Yuejia Zhang (Fudan University) et al.
    • [01414 (65Z)] Solving multidimensional elliptic problems in unbounded domains using quasi-rational functions / Tahar Zamene BOULMEZAOUD (University of Versailles SQY and University of Paris-Saclay)

[CT111] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, boundary value problems [A]

  • CT111 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00630 (65N)] Structure Preserving Schemes for Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation / Canan AKKOYUNLU (ISTANBUL KULTUR UNIVERSITY)
    • [00829 (65N)] A Cartesian Grid-Based Boundary Integral Method for Moving Interface Problems / Han Zhou (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) et al.
    • [01573 (65N)] A novel robust adaptive algorithm for time fractional diffusion wave equation on non-uniform meshes / Rahul Kumar Maurya (Government Tilak P.G. College, Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India) et al.
    • [01588 (65N)] Stable numerical schemes and adaptive algorithms for fractional diffusion-wave equation / Vineet Kumar Singh (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India) et al.
    • [01846 (65N)] L3 approximation of the Caputo derivatives and its application to time-fractional wave equation / NIKHIL SRIVASTAVA (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, India)

[CT112] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, boundary value problems [B]

  • CT112 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01030 (65N)] A 3D linearity-preserving cell-centered finite volume scheme with extended least square interpolation for anisotropic diffusion equations / Longshan Luo (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics)
    • [02118 (65N)] The finite volume method for solving the oblique derivative BVP in geodesy / Marek Macák (Slovak University of Technology) et al.
    • [00156 (65N)] Convergence of adaptive algorithms for parametric PDEs with lognormal coefficients / Nando Farchmin (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)
    • [00394 (65N)] Numerical methods for option pricing: need and challenges / KULDIP SINGH PATEL (Indian Institute of Technology Patna)
    • [00636 (65N)] Monolithic property preserving DG/FV subcell scheme / François Vilar (Montpellier University)

[CT113] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, boundary value problems [C]

  • CT113 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02694 (65N)] Approximated fuzzy components scheme for convection-diffusion model / Navnit Jha (Department of Mathematics, South Asian University, Maidan Garhi, Rajpur Road, New Delhi 110 068)
    • [01434 (65N)] Pointwise adaptive finite element method for the elliptic obstacle problem / Kamana Porwal (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi)
    • [01749 (65N)] Mean Field Game Partial Differential Inclusions: Analysis and Numerical Approximation / Yohance Osborne (University College London) et al.
    • [02236 (65N)] An hp-version discontinuous Galerkin method for the generalized Burgers-Huxley Equations with weakly singular kernel / Sumit Mahajan (Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee) et al.
    • [02462 (65N)] Solving High-dimensional Inverse Problems with Weak Adversarial Networks / Yaohua Zang (Zhejiang University) et al.

[CT114] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, boundary value problems [D]

  • CT114 (1/3) [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00175 (65N)] pFemView: An Open-Source Visualization Library for p-FEM / Janitha Gunatilake (University of Peradeniya)
    • [00522 (65N)] Modeling of concentration and electric field dependent susceptibilities in electrolytes / Manuel Landstorfer (Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS)Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS)) et al.
    • [00577 (65N)] Mixed Finite Element Method for Dirichlet Boundary Optimal Control Problem / Divay Garg (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) et al.
    • [00741 (65N)] POINTWISE ADAPTIVE QUADRATIC DG FEM FOR OBSTACLE PROBLEM / Ritesh Ritesh (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi) et al.
    • [00799 (65N)] Local Exactness of de Rham Conforming Hierarchical B-spline Differential Forms / Kendrick M Shepherd (Brigham Young University) et al.
  • CT114 (2/3) [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00899 (65N)] Unlocking the Secrets of Locking / Charles Parker (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [01104 (65N)] Generation of $hp$-FEM Massive Databases for Deep Learning Inversion / Vincent Darrigrand (CNRS-IRIT, Toulouse) et al.
    • [01113 (65N)] Acoustic Scattering Highly Efficient Iterative Method with high Order ABC / Vianey Roman Villamizar (Brigham Young UniversityBrigham Young University) et al.
    • [01118 (65N)] Finite Element Analysis of a Non-equilibrium Model for Hybrid Nano-Fluid / SANGITA DEY (Ph.D Student of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) et al.
  • CT114 (3/3) [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02112 (65N)] Adaptive Virtual Element Methods: convergence and optimality / Lourenco Beirao da Veiga (University of Milan Bicocca) et al.
    • [02202 (65N)] Deep Petrov-Galerkin Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations / Yong Shang (Xi’an Jiaotong University) et al.
    • [02496 (65N)] Convergence of Morley Adaptive FEM for Distributed Optimal Control Problems / Asha Kisan Dond (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram) et al.
    • [02603 (65N)] AN $H^1$ GALERKIN MIXED FINITE ELEMENT METHOD FOR ROSENAU EQUATION / Jones Tarcius Doss (Department of Mathematics, Anna University, Chennai)
    • [02640 (65N)] High-Order Finite Element Schemes for Multicomponent Flow Problems / Aaron Matthew Baier-Reinio (University of Oxford) et al.

[CT115] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, boundary value problems [E]

  • CT115 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00461 (65N)] hp/Spectral Element Methods for Elliptic Boundary Layer Problems / Akhlaq Husain (BML Munjal University Gurgaon)
    • [00611 (65N)] Deformations of linear elastic bodies computed using the RBF-PU method / Andreas Michael (Uppsala University)
    • [02434 (65N)] Multiobjective Mesh Optimization Algorithms for Quadrilateral Meshes / Moein Moradi (University of Kansas) et al.
    • [00676 (65N)] Recent Advances in 2-Lagrange Multiplier Method for Multiscale PDEs / Hieu Nguyen (Fulbright University Vietnam) et al.
    • [02620 (65N)] Power contraction of RAS with local impedance problems for the Helmholtz equation / Shihua Gong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen)

[CT116] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, boundary value problems [F]

  • CT116 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00860 (65N)] Probabilistic Domain Decomposition: Challenging Amdahl’s curse on partial differential equations. / Jorge Morón-Vidal (University Carlos III of Madrid)
    • [00508 (65N)] Imposing Neumann or Robin boundary conditions through a penalization method / Bouchra Bensiali (École Centrale Casablanca) et al.
    • [00547 (65N)] Fictitious domain methods with finite elements and penalty over spread interface / Swapnil Kale (Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune) et al.
    • [00549 (65N)] On the penalty approach in finite difference methods / DEBASISH PRADHAN (Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune – 411025, India) et al.
    • [01822 (65N)] Domain decomposition for the Random Feature Method / Yifei Sun (Soochow University) et al.

[CT117] Numerical methods for partial differential equations, boundary value problems [G] etc.

  • CT117 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02610 (65N)] Discrete Tensor Product BGG Sequences: Splines and Finite Elements / Duygu Sap (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [00748 (65N)] New probabilistic algorithms for scientific supercomputing / Francisco Bernal (Carlos III University of Madrid)
    • [02003 (65N)] VEM approximation for the Stokes eigenvalue problem: a priori and a posteriori error analysis / Felipe Lepe (Universidad del Bío Bío)
    • [02552 (65N)] The inverse elastography problem / Silvia Barbeiro (University of Coimbra) et al.
    • [02175 (70F)] Learning Interaction laws in particle- and agent-based systems / Mauro Maggioni (Johns Hopkins University)

[CT118] Numerical methods for integral equations, integral transforms etc.

  • CT118 [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00910 (65R)] An integral equation method for the advection-diffusion equation on time-dependent domains in the plane / Fredrik Fryklund (New York University) et al.
    • [01141 (65R)] On tensor-based training of neural networks / Patrick Gelß ( Zuse Institute Berlin) et al.
    • [02232 (65R)] A collocation method for third-kind VIEs with nonsmooth solutions / Zheng Ma (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
    • [00904 (65R)] Quadrature Methods and Error Estimates for Particles in Stokes Flow / Pritpal Matharu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [00074 (70K)] Chaos in multidimensional disordered nonlinear lattices / Bob Senyange (Muni University)

[CT119] Computer system organization etc.

  • CT119 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01019 (68M)] Particle Swarm Optimization Based Reliable Control Algorithm for Wireless Networks / Ponnarasi Loganathan (Bharathiar University) et al.
    • [00985 (68M)] A Routing Protocol for Enhancing the QoS in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks / Jin-Woo Kim (Duksung Women’s University) et al.
    • [01240 (68M)] Machine Learning based Optimization Algorithm for Stress Prediction / Pankajavalli Palanisamy Balamani (Bharathiar University)
    • [01695 (68M)] Power Management in Wireless Sensor Network Using Queueing with threshold policy / SUDHESH Ramupillai (BIT Campus, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli)
    • [00744 (74D)] On the Burgers-type equations used in soft solid acoustics / Harold Berjamin (School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Galway, University Road, Galway, Republic of Ireland)

[CT120] Theory of computing

  • CT120 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00561 (68Q)] Quantum-parallel vectorized data encodings and computations on trapped-ions and transmons QPUs / Jan Balewski (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) et al.
    • [00716 (68Q)] Resource Efficient Boolean Function Solver on Quantum Computer / Xiang Li (Fudan University) et al.
    • [01089 (68Q)] Revisiting Subgradient Method Beyond Global Lipschitz Continuity / Xiao Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen)
    • [02686 (68Q)] Double Conical degeneracy on band structures of periodic Schrödinger operators / Ying Cao (Tsinghua University)
    • [00446 (68Q)] Beyond Empirical Risk Minimization: Minimax Risk Classifiers / Santiago Mazuelas (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM))

[CT121] Artificial intelligence [A]

  • CT121 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00310 (68T)] Human Activity Recognition from Inertial Motion Data / Walid Gomaa (Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology)
    • [00916 (68T)] Deep Learning Approach Combined with Simulation As a Service to Generate Simulation from Sketched Image / Mohamed Serrhini (University Mohamed Premier Oujda Morocco)
    • [01035 (68T)] Reinforcement learning-based routing strategy in IoT applications using MDC / Yongdo Lim (Sungkyunkwan University)
    • [01078 (68T)] DNN-based hybrid ensemble learning strategy for XSS detection and defense / Seethalakshmi Perumal (MIT Campus, Anna University – Chennai)
    • [00315 (68T)] Motion Assessment in Human Action Performance / Walid Gomaa (Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology)

[CT122] Artificial intelligence [B]

  • CT122 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00535 (68T)] Reinforcement Learning with Variable Exploration / Brian Mintz (Dartmouth College) et al.
    • [00541 (68T)] Reinforcement Learning-based Data Collection and Energy Replenishment in SDIoT / Vishnuvarthan Rajagopal (Research scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anna University Regional Campus, Coimbatore.) et al.
    • [00020 (68T)] Image Functions Approximated by CNN / Jian-Zhou Zhang (Sichuan University)
    • [00054 (68T)] Lagrange alpha-exponential synchronization of non-identical fractional-order complex-valued neural networks / Sapna Baluni (Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi (BHU), 221005, India)
    • [00141 (68T)] Multiscale Perturbed Gradient Descent: Chaotic Regularization and Heavy-Tailed Limits / Soon Hoe Lim (Nordita, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University)

[CT123] Artificial intelligence [C]

  • CT123 (1/3) [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00664 (68T)] A New Sampling Technique for Learning with Hypergraph Neural Networks / Fengcheng Lu (The University of Hong Kong) et al.
    • [00773 (68T)] Machine Learning Model for Thin Metal Sheet Counting and Thickness Measurement / Elayaperumal Ayyasamy (Anna University, Chennai)
    • [00817 (68T)] Understanding Flood Flow Physics via Data-Informed Learning / Jonathan Thompson (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) et al.
    • [00856 (68T)] Successive image generation though cyclic transformations using CycleGAN / Takaya Tanaka (Graduate School of Engineering, Fukuoka Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [01057 (68T)] Hypergraph Attention Graph Convolution Network for Precision Medicine / ZHOUMING XU (The University of Hong Kong)
  • CT123 (2/3) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01196 (68T)] Deep Solvers in Shape Optimization / Maximilian Würschmidt (Trier University) et al.
    • [01477 (68T)] Optimization of a submerged piezoelectric device using an ANN Model / Vipin V (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Hyderabad Campus) et al.
    • [01500 (68T)] Lower bounds on the Generalization Error of Nonlinear Learning Models in High Dimensions / Inbar Seroussi (Tei-Aviv University)
    • [01817 (68T)] Time-series medical data classification using echo state network / Zonglun Li (University College London)
    • [02164 (68T)] Uncertainty-Aware Null Space Networks for Data-Consistent Image Reconstruction / Christoph Angermann (VASCage – Research Centre on Vascular Ageing and Stroke) et al.
  • CT123 (3/3) [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02276 (68T)] Detection Topic of Bjorka Using LSTM with LDA / Muhammad Muhajir (Universitas Gadjah Mada ) et al.
    • [02326 (68T)] Multi-level Wavelet Convolutional Neural Networks for Classifying Lung Cancer / Devi Nurtiyasari (Gadjah Mada University) et al.
    • [02329 (68T)] Improve Error Prediction Using Regularization Model for Movie Recommendation System / Malim Muhammad (Universitas Gadjah Mada) et al.
    • [00180 (68T)] Relationship between musical notes and socio-political events / Choi-Hong Lai (University of Greenwich) et al.
    • [01150 (68T)] Optimizing Tool Assignment Using Smart Lockers / Jose Alberto Fonseca (Instituto de Telecomunicações – Universidade de Aveiro) et al.

[CT124] Artificial intelligence [D] etc.

  • CT124 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01205 (68T)] Finite-Time Analysis of Single-Timescale Actor Critic / Qijun Luo (The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen) et al.
    • [01045 (68T)] Advances on intimate partner femicide applying machine learning techniques and algorithms / Esperanza Garcia-Vergara (Universidad Loyola Andalucia) et al.
    • [02091 (68T)] Stock Data has Shape: Managing Stock Portfolio via Topology-informed Machine Learning / Paul Samuel Ignacio (University of the Philippines Baguio)
    • [00031 (74E)] Stoneley wave in the transversely isotropic thermoelastic diffusion materials / Sanjay Debnath (Mizoram University)
    • [01115 (74G)] Torsional surfce wave in a piezoelectric fiber-reinforced composite layer in context of surface/interface theory / Sudarshan Dhua (Department of Mathematics, School of Sciences, NIT Andhra Pradesh) et al.

[CT125] Computing methodologies and applications etc.

  • CT125 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01464 (68U)] Fractional norm regularization under a generative deep learning framework for image restoration / Jidesh Pacheeri Padikkal (National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal) et al.
    • [02201 (68U)] Total Variation and Undecimated Wavelet Approach to Chest Radiograph Image Enhancement / Gloria Agyeiwaa Botchway (University of Ghana) et al.
    • [02586 (68U)] Quaternion-valued Wiener Filters: Applications to color imaging denoising / ANTONIO MARQUINA (UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA) et al.
    • [00077 (68U)] Machine Learning challenges to automate behavioral scales / Filippo Posta (Estrella Mountain CC)
    • [02185 (74K)] Vibration of anti-symmetric angle-ply layered conical shell frusta using splines / Viswanathan Kodakkal Kannan (Samarkand State University)

[CT126] Algorithms in computer science

  • CT126 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01361 (68W)] A Novel Numerical Algorithm for Time-Space Reaction Diffusion Equation / Yusuf Olawale Afolabi (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
    • [00788 (68W)] Using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms when performing preventive maintenance actions / Eilsabete Alberdi (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU) et al.
    • [00809 (68W)] Mathematical Aspects of Metaheuristics in Medical Imaging and Pattern Recognition / Anupam Yadav (Dr BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar)
    • [02125 (68W)] TNL: Numerical Library for Modern Parallel Architectures / Tomáš Oberhuber (Czech Technical University in Prague) et al.

[CT127] Mechanics of deformable solids

  • CT127 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02472 (74-)] Geometry and mechanics of shape-programmable systems / Daniel Duffy (University of Cambridge) et al.
    • [00281 (74-)] Simulation of the mechanical behaviour of steel-concrete-steel structures including concrete voids / Ludovic JASON (Université Paris-Saclay, CEA, Service d’Études Mécaniques et Thermiques)
    • [00397 (74-)] A continuum model for the bulldozing of an immersed granular material in a confined geometry / Liam Morrow (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [01133 (74-)] Surface wave propagation in coated poro-elastic layer due to point source / Dipendu Pramanik (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Indore) et al.
    • [01134 (74-)] A propagating edge wave on a crack plate / Rahul Som (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India ) et al.

[CT128] Plastic materials, materials of stress-rate and internal-variable type etc.

  • CT128 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01137 (74-)] Stability and Dispersion analysis for Rayleigh-type waves in non-local media / Manasa Bhat (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Indore.) et al.
    • [00003 (74-)] Reflection of plane waves in a rotating transversely isotropic thermoelastic diffusion solid half-space from impedance boundary in a fractional-order thermo-elasticity / Dr. Anand Kumar Yadav (Shishu Niketan Sr. Sec School Sector 22D Chandigarh, India)
    • [00414 (74C)] Asymptotically Modelling Plastic Deformation during Cold Rolling of Sheet Metal / Ed Brambley (School of Mathematics, University of Warwick) et al.
    • [00423 (74C)] Understanding elastic-plastic stress distributions during cold rolling of sheet metal / Francis Flanagan (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick) et al.
    • [00531 (74C)] Calibration of hardening parameters for the absence of hysteresis test-data / Eray Arslan (TU Wien) et al.

[CT129] Generalities, axiomatics, foundations of continuum mechanics of solids etc.

  • CT129 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00679 (74A)] Using elastic waves to predict forces in thick-walled cylinder with application to roller-bearings / Jessica Jordan Kent (University of Sheffield) et al.
    • [01038 (74A)] Study of transitional stresses in rotating disc of materials with different Poisson Ratio under varying temperature / Jatinder Kaur (Chandigarh University Mohali , Chandigarh ) et al.
    • [00451 (74A)] Transmission problems for composite layered elastic structures containing interfacial cracks / David Natroshvili (Georgian Technical University)
    • [00902 (74A)] Influence of the statistical parameters of random particulate materials on wave propagation / Kevish Kumar Napal (University of Sheffield) et al.
    • [00684 (74L)] Aggregation of Anisotropic Inclusions on Elastic Membranes / Matthew William Cotton (University of Oxford) et al.

[CT130] Elastic materials

  • CT130 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01541 (74B)] Plane waves in generalized thermo-microstretch elastic solid with voids / Manisha – (Panjab University, Chandigarh)
    • [01646 (74B)] ANALYSIS OF MULTI-PHASE LAG GRADIENTS FOR A SPHERICAL CAVITY / Abhijit Lahiri (Jadavpur University) et al.
    • [02485 (74B)] Rayleigh-type waves in nonlocal elastic half-space with double porosity structure / Dilbag Singh (Panjab University, Chandigarh)
    • [00755 (74B)] A variational approach for nonlinear elasticity / Riccardo Voso (University of Vienna)
    • [01566 (74B)] Scattering of P and SH waves by a circular crack / SUBHAS CHANDRA MANDAL (JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY) et al.

[CT131] Coupling of solid mechanics with other effects etc.

  • CT131 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02494 (74B)] Equivariant Atomic Cluster Expansion for learning of tensor-valued quantities in atomistic systems / Matthias Sachs (University of Birmingham) et al.
    • [00925 (74F)] Effects of temperature-dependent parameters on the reflection of thermoelastic waves under Moore-Gibson-Thomson heat conduction / Manushi Gupta (JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur)
    • [00613 (74F)] Phase-field systems coupled with large deformations / Barbara Wagner (Weierstrass Institute) et al.
    • [00865 (74M)] A novel hybrid microphysical–rheological multiscale constitutive model of ferroelectrics / Andreas Warkentin (University of Kassel) et al.
    • [00942 (74S)] First Steps Towards Simulation of Valve in Valve Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (ViV-TAVI) / Marcos Loureiro-Ga (University of Vigo) et al.

[CT132] Dynamical problems in solid mechanics etc.

  • CT132 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01067 (74H)] Stoneley wave propagation at the interface between two initially stressed medium with interface energy / Arindam Nath (Department of Mathematics, School of Sciences, NIT Andhra Pradesh, India) et al.
    • [01027 (74H)] A Discussion on Numerical Methods to Solve Structural Engineering Problems / Rahul Saini (H N B Garhwal Central University, Srinagar, Uttarakhand, India )
    • [00873 (74H)] Stress Intensity factor for an interface crack between two orthotropic material / Anuwedita Singh (Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel)
    • [00751 (74R)] Crack Loading and Growth Analyses with the Virtual Element Method / Kevin Schmitz (University of Kassel) et al.
    • [00026 (74R)] STRESS ANALYSIS OF AN EDGE CRACK UNDER TIME-HARMONIC WAVE DISTURBANCE / Neha Trivedi (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, India)

[CT133] Waves in solid mechanics [A]

  • CT133 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00861 (74J)] Using elastic waves to measure mechanical stress / Art Gower (University of Sheffield) et al.
    • [02071 (74J)] Wave propagation in nonlocal diffusive materials / Baljeet Singh (Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11, Chandigarh)
    • [00002 (74J)] Propagation of Lamb wave in the plate of microstretch thermoelastic diffusion materials / Sarat Singh Sanasam (Mizoram University) et al.
    • [00208 (74J)] Love wave along the interface with triangular irregularity / Ashish Arora (I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University)
    • [00841 (74J)] Destabilization of interfacial elastic waves due to friction / Ranjith Kunnath (Mahindra University)

[CT134] Waves in solid mechanics [B]

  • CT134 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02528 (74J)] Propagation of Rayleigh-like surface waves in multilayered nonlocal elastic media / Aarti Khurana (Panjab University Chandigarh)
    • [02548 (74J)] Rayleigh-like waves in coated elastic half-space containing voids / Savkirat Kaur (Dev Samaj College for Women, Chandigarh)
    • [00637 (74J)] Wave Scattering from Layers of Random Particulate Materials / Paulo Sergio Piva (The University of Sheffield) et al.
    • [00844 (74J)] Evidence of Multiple Effective Wavenumbers in Isotropic Random Particulate Materials / Aristeidis Karnezis (The University of Sheffield) et al.
    • [00855 (74J)] Mathematical modelling of edge wave on a functionally graded thermo-poro-elastic plate / Santanu Manna (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Simrol, Khandwa road, Indore-453552, M.P., India) et al.

[CT135] Compressible fluids and gas dynamics, general etc.

  • CT135 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01861 (74J)] Scattering of an Ostrovsky wave packet in a layered waveguide / Jagdeep Tamber (Nottingham Trent University)
    • [02142 (76F)] Self-similar hierarchy of vortices in turbulence / Tomonori Tsuruhashi (The University of Tokyo) et al.
    • [02054 (76N)] Low regularity ill-posedness for elastic waves and ideal compressible MHD in 3D and 2D / Xinliang An (National University of Singapore) et al.
    • [01101 (76N)] Supersonic Pre-Transitional Disturbances in Boundary Layers on Porous Surfaces / Ludovico Fossà (The University of Sheffield) et al.
    • [01096 (76V)] Stability modulation by a reaction in Navier-Stokes flow / Manoranjan Mishra (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India) et al.

[CT136] Fluid mechanics [A]

  • CT136 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01948 (76-)] Study on the reflected waves in generalized magneto thermoelastic materials / Shrabanika Boruah (Mizoram University) et al.
    • [00440 (76-)] SIMULATION OF SHALLOW WATER EQUATIONS WITH DEPTH PERTURBATIONS AND WITH AND WHITHOUT THE CORIOLIS EFFECT / Daniel Francisco Sanabria Bernal (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada) et al.
    • [00557 (76-)] Three dimensional laminar flow in a dividing channel / Thuy Duong Dang (University College London) et al.
    • [00762 (76-)] On the dissolution of particles subject to natural convection / Milton Assunção (University of Limerick) et al.
    • [00885 (76-)] Hybrid nanofluid of Heimenz flow over electromagnetic surface: Enhancement in thermal energy / Islam Zari (University of Peshawar) et al.

[CT137] Fluid mechanics [B] etc.

  • CT137 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01013 (76-)] Satellite Data Assimilation through Community Land Model to improve Rice Crop Dynamics / Mahesh Kumar (Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, India) et al.
    • [02477 (76-)] Effect of contact angle hysteresis in a novel microfluidic system / Barnum Swannell (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [01515 (76-)] Current density and thermal propagation of electromagnetic CoFe2O4 and TiO2/C2H6O2 + H2O hybridized Casson nanofluids: A concentrated solar power optimization / Sulyman Olakunle Salawu (Bowen University)
    • [00071 (76R)] Effects of diffusive Reynolds number on electroosmotic pulsating nanofluid flow / Satwik Mukherjee (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
    • [00576 (76R)] Modeling the Dispersion of Effluents Discharged into Tidally Coastal Waters / Anton Purnama (Sultan Qaboos University) et al.

[CT138] Foundations, constitutive equations, rheology, hydrodynamical models of non-fluid phenomena

  • CT138 [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [01624 (76A)] MHD free Convection of Casson fluid flow in an Inclined Square Cavity with Moving upper wall / Sharad Sinha (University of Rajasthan Jaipur )
    • [00424 (76A)] A Hydrodynamic Model for Active Polar Liquid Crystals / Zhenlu Cui (Fayetteville State University)
    • [02242 (76A)] Metaheuristic based numerical solution and statistical optimization of heat transfer through rotating heat pipe / Ziya Uddin (BML Munjal University, Gurugram) et al.
    • [02531 (76A)] Analysis of Bioconvective Heat and Mass Transfer in Sisko Nanofluid / Reema Jain (Manipal University Jaipur)

[CT139] Incompressible inviscid fluids [A]

  • CT139 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00901 (76B)] Effect of porous layer fitted on a floating bridge in mitigating waveload / Swaroop Nandan Bora (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
    • [01457 (76B)] Evaporation and the coffee-ring effect for non-circular droplets / Madeleine Moore (University of Hull) et al.
    • [00331 (76B)] Mathematical modelling of fluid-particle interaction / Ellen Mary Jolley (UCL)
    • [02040 (76B)] Simulation of landslide-generated waves using non-hydrostatic numerical model / Sri Redjeki Pudjaprasetya (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
    • [02148 (76B)] A comparative study on scattering of water waves by barriers of various kinds. / SOFIA SINGLA (IIITUNA, UNA)

[CT140] Incompressible inviscid fluids [B] etc.

  • CT140 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02253 (76B)] Water wave scattering by a marine structure consisting of an array of compound porous cylinders / Swaroop Nandan Bora (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
    • [02347 (76B)] Reduction of High Wave Load on a Sea Wall by an Elastic Plate and a Porous Structure / SUBASH CHANDRA MARTHA (IIT Ropar) et al.
    • [02407 (76B)] Scattering of water waves by two horizontal porous plates over a pair of trenches / Sunita Choudhary (Indian Institute Technology, Ropar) et al.
    • [00665 (78-)] Estimating pressure distribution on a surface via electrical sensing skin / Petri Kuusela (University of Eastern Finland) et al.
    • [02432 (78M)] Dispersion relation reconstruction for 2D Photonic Crystals based on polynomial interpolation / Yueqi Wang (University of Hong Kong) et al.

[CT141] Incompressible viscous fluids [A]

  • CT141 [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00344 (76D)] Forced convection from an isothermal square cylinder in shear flow / Atendra Kumar (National Institute of Technology Srinagar, India)
    • [00582 (76D)] Data assimilation finite element method for the linearized Navier-Stokes equations with higher order polynomial approximation / Erik Burman (University College London) et al.
    • [01046 (76D)] Flow past a mounted wedge: The three fold structure / Jiten C Kalita (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
    • [01302 (76D)] A mathematical model for swallowing of food-bolus through tumour-infected Oesophagus / Sanjay Kumar Pandey (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India)
    • [01490 (76D)] RANS modelling of OWC device over the sloping seabed / AMYA RANJAN RAY (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani – Hyderabad Campus) et al.

[CT142] Incompressible viscous fluids [B]

  • CT142 [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00095 (76D)] Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics of a slip-stick sphere / Shiba Biswas (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India-721302) et al.
    • [00261 (76D)] Translational motion of a slightly deformed viscous spherical droplet in Stokes flow / Jai Prakash (Mahindra University, Hyderabad) et al.
    • [00518 (76D)] Unsteady Stokes flow past a sphere with mixed slip-stick boundary conditions / Dimple Satya Sree Dadi (University of Hyderabad) et al.
    • [01119 (76D)] Miscible Flows Based On Darcy-Stokes-Brinkman Model: Existence and Uniqueness / Manoranjan Mishra (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India) et al.
    • [02353 (76D)] Finite volume coupled with finite element scheme for the chemotaxis-fluid model / Ping Zeng (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) et al.

[CT143] Hydrodynamic stability [A]

  • CT143 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01084 (76E)] Linear instability of pipe Poiseuille flow of shear-thinning White–Metzner fluid / Arshan Khan (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India) et al.
    • [01033 (76E)] Convective instabilities in vertical porous media / Satyajit Pramanik (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
    • [02409 (76E)] Effect of Permeability on Couette Flow in Fluid-Porous System / Nandita Barman (Department of Mathematics) et al.
    • [00826 (76E)] Saffman-Taylor fingers selection mechanism in non-newtonian fluids / Diksha Bansal (IIIT Delhi) et al.
    • [02405 (76E)] STABILITY OF NON-ISOTHERMAL POISEUILLE FLOW IN FLUID OVERLYING POROUS DOMAIN / Premananda Bera (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) et al.

[CT144] Hydrodynamic stability [B] etc.

  • CT144 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02516 (76E)] Stability and dynamics of multi-layer shear flow with liquid-liquid slip / Anna Katsiavria (Imperial College London) et al.
    • [01241 (76E)] Crossing Sea States in Layered and Stratified Fluids / Qing Pan (The University of Hong Kong)
    • [01117 (76E)] Non-Linear Study of Interaction of Viscous Fingering Instability and Chemical Reaction / Manoranjan Mishra (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
    • [00339 (80-)] Using Numerical Modeling two phase flow Method in evaporator design / Maher Saab Salamah (Ministry of Electricity / Iraq)
    • [00723 (80-)] Density Maximum Effect on Natural Convection in a Porous Enclosure / NITHYADEVI NAGARAJAN (Bharathiar University)

[CT145] Basic methods in fluid mechanics [A]

  • CT145 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02554 (76M)] Domain-invariant subcell-based blending limiter for Lax-Wendroff Flux Reconstruction / Arpit Babbar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research – Centre for Applicable Mathematics (Bangalore)) et al.
    • [02583 (76M)] Novel shock-capturing procedure for discontinuous Galerkin method for compressible flows / Kedar Shridhar Wagh (Indian Institute of Science) et al.
    • [00940 (76M)] Central-Upwind Schemes for Weakly Compressible Two-layer Shallow-Water Flows / Sarswati Shah (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) et al.
    • [00705 (76M)] A boundary integral method for slow free surface flows / Loïc Gobet (University of Montreal) et al.
    • [02372 (76M)] Stokes flow past circular cylinders in slip-patterned microchannel using BEM / Chandra Shekhar Nishad (Pandit Deendayal Energy University Gandhinagar )

[CT146] Basic methods in fluid mechanics [B]

  • CT146 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00784 (76M)] A Lagrangian-finite difference scheme for solving viscoelastic fluid flows / Cassio Machiavelli Oishi (São Paulo State University) et al.
    • [01420 (76M)] A stochastic solution to inverse problems in thermo-fluid problems / SUFIA KHATOON (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
    • [01580 (76M)] Fast Summation for the Barotropic Vorticity Equations / Anthony Chen (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
    • [01094 (76M)] Variational iteration Method for Shallow Water Waves / Tzon-Tzer Lu (Department of Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-sen University)
    • [02670 (76M)] Glacier sliding as a viscous fluid flow modulated by cavitation / Ian Hewitt (University of Oxford)

[CT147] Rarefied gas flows, Boltzmann equation in fluid mechanics etc.

  • CT147 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00096 (76M)] Multi-scale analysis of concentration distribution inside porous medium channel configuration / Timir Karmakar (Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Meghalaya, Shillong, Meghalaya 793003) et al.
    • [00878 (76P)] Large-amplitude problem of BGK model / Gichan Bae (Seoul National University) et al.
    • [00990 (76P)] BGK model for two-component gases near a global Maxwellian / Gi-Chan Bae (Seoul National University) et al.
    • [02049 (76P)] A Hybrid AMR Low-Rank Tensor Approach for Solving the Boltzmann Equation / Samuel Jun Araki (Jacobs Technology Inc. / Air Force Research Laboratory)
    • [00946 (82-)] Escape kinetics of self-propelled particle from a circular cavity / Tanwi Debnath (University of Calcutta)

[CT148] Flows in porous media; filtration; seepage

  • CT148 [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02189 (76S)] Improved viscous flow between expanding or contracting permeable walls / Christopher C. Tisdell (University of New South Wales (UNSW))
    • [02224 (76S)] Numerical simulation of convective flow models in porous media using deep learning technique / Sumant Kumar (Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune) et al.
    • [02505 (76S)] Modelling capture and storage of gases in porous media / Tim G. Myers (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica) et al.
    • [01021 (76S)] A mixed finite element approach to a non-isothermal flow vegetation model / Malgorzata Peszynska (Oregon State University) et al.
    • [01286 (76S)] Radiation effect of ND–Ni nanocomposite, water-filled multiport cavity / muthtamilselvan murugan (Bharathiar university)

[CT149] Multiphase and multicomponent flows etc.

  • CT149 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00058 (76T)] Thermocapillary dynamics of viscous droplet driven by internal thermal singularity / Arindam Basak (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) et al.
    • [00055 (76T)] Thermocapillary dynamics of droplets and bubbles with internal thermal singularity / Arindam Basak (IIT Kharagpur)
    • [00362 (76T)] Nonlinear biphasic mixture model: existence and uniqueness results / Meraj Alam (Mahindra University, Hyderabad) et al.
    • [02673 (76T)] Reduced-order Modelling of Normal Elastohydrodynamic Collision of Spheres / John C. WELLS (Ritsumeikan University)
    • [01579 (82B)] Boltzmann equation with generalized collisional invariants / Ryosuke Yano (Tokio Marine dR. Co., Ltd.)

[CT150] Magnetohydrodynamics and electrohydrodynamics etc.

  • CT150 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01509 (76W)] Hydromagnetic Hybrid Nanofluid Flow Over a Rotating Stretching Disk / Raj Nandkeolyar (Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur) et al.
    • [02697 (76W)] Hydromagnetic Flow with Dissipative and Radiative Heat Transfer over an Inclined Rotating Disk / Premful Kumar (Department of mathematics, National Institute Of Technology Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur)
    • [01143 (76W)] Mathematical Modelling of electrokinetic transport and translocation of dielectric particle within a bipolar Nanopore / Doyel Pandey (Technical University Darmstadt) et al.
    • [00360 (80M)] Computational Analysis of Soot Production in an Internal Combustion (IC) Engine / Muhammad Ahsan (National University of Sciences & Technology, Islamabad) et al.
    • [01906 (80M)] Adjoint-Based Shape Optimization of Periodic Units for Compact Heat Transfer Devices / Geert Buckinx (VITO) et al.

[CT151] Biological fluid mechanics etc.

  • CT151 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01039 (76Z)] A model of cerebrospinal fluid flow in the cranial subarachnoid space / Mariia Dvoriashyna (University of Oxord) et al.
    • [02506 (76Z)] Hydrodynamic hovering of swimming bacteria / Debasish Das (University of Strathclyde) et al.
    • [02544 (76Z)] Mathematical Study of Blood-Nano Fluid Flow through a Catheterized Flexible Stenotic Artery / Srikanth Dasari (DIAT(DU)) et al.
    • [00978 (81-)] Real-Time Krylov Theory for Quantum Computing Algorithms / Yizhi Shen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) et al.
    • [02024 (81-)] Quantum asymptotic phase function on the basis of Koopman operator theory / Yuzuru Kato (Future University Hakodate) et al.

[CT152] General topics in optics and electromagnetic theory etc.

  • CT152 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00678 (78A)] Monitoring distributed strains on solid surfaces by electrical impedance tomography / Mikko Räsänen (University of Eastern Finland) et al.
    • [01192 (78A)] Application of MUSIC Algorithm in Microwave Imaging Without Switching Device / Won-Kwang Park (Kookmin University)
    • [01391 (78A)] Defect reconstruction in waveguides using resonant frequencies / Angèle Niclas (CMAP – École Polytechnique )
    • [02580 (78A)] Topological-sensitivity framework for detecting perfectly-conducting buried objects in layered media / Abdul Wahab (Nazarbayev University)
    • [00780 (82D)] Mathematical Modelling of Bidirectional Transport System / Atul Kumar Verma (NIT Trichy, India)

[CT153] Thermodynamics and heat transfer

  • CT153 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01362 (80A)] Nanoparticle Shape Effect On a Sodium–Alginate Based Cu–nanofluid Under a Transverse Magnetic Field / ABID HUSSANAN (University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan)
    • [02451 (80A)] A heat polynomials method for heat problems with moving boundaries / Samat Kassabek (Nazarbayev University)
    • [02428 (80A)] Counter-current flow in a silicon furnace / Matthew David Shirley (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [00321 (80A)] Modeling of hydromagnetic unsteady flow over a upright plate using Pseudospectral method / Anju Saini (Graphic Era (Deemed to be University) Dehradun)
    • [02268 (80A)] Applications of heat transport in Vacuum pump Oil in Applied Mathematics / Muhammad Ramzan (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok Thailand)

[CT154] Foundations, quantum information and its processing, quantum axioms, and philosophy etc.

  • CT154 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02160 (81P)] Using quantum mechanics for calculation of different infinite sums / Milica Pavkov Hrvojevic (Facuty of Sciences University of Novi Sad ) et al.
    • [00971 (81P)] Quantify the classicality of quantum states / YuChen Shu (Mathematics, National Cheng Kung University) et al.
    • [02469 (81P)] Application of Quantum Chaos in Image Encryption / Gurpreet Kaur (Amity University Noida)
    • [02433 (82M)] Response Surface Methodology-Based Model Updating Using FRF Curvature / Nur Raihana Sukri (Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) et al.
    • [02226 (82M)] Random batch Monte Carlo method / Yue Zhao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

[CT155] Time-dependent statistical mechanics (dynamic and nonequilibrium)

  • CT155 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02417 (82C)] State equation for oscillator chains / Vincenzo Di Florio (Politecnico di Torino) et al.
    • [00993 (82C)] The effect of extended coupling in transport system / Tamizhazhagan S (National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.) et al.
    • [01476 (82C)] Self-Organized Criticality on Stochastic Networks / Inbar Seroussi (Tei-Aviv University) et al.
    • [01929 (82C)] Colored noise driven autonomous stochastic resonance / SHRABANI MONDAL (Jadavpur University)
    • [02430 (82C)] Hessian geometric derivation of macroscopic thermodynamic uncertainty relations (TUR) / Dimitri Loutchko (The University of Tokyo) et al.

[CT156] Cosmology etc.

  • CT156 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00240 (83C)] Phantom cosmological model with observational constraints in symmetric teleparallel gravity / Bivudutta Mishra (BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus)
    • [00043 (83F)] Matter-chameleon coupling in reconstructed Brans-Dicke cosmology / Surajit Chattopadhyay (Amity University, Kolkata)
    • [00660 (83F)] Dynamical system analysis of cosmological models in f(T,B) Gravity / Sanasam Surendra Singh (National Institute of Technology Manipur) et al.
    • [02441 (85-)] QNMs and null-geodesics in the field of regular black holes / Farook Rahaman (Jadavpur University)
    • [02055 (86-)] EMinv software platform for comprehensive analysis of geoscience data / Kun Zhang (Chinese Academy of Geopogical Sciences)

[CT157] Geophysics / Game theory, economics, social and behavioral sciences etc.

  • CT157 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02389 (86A)] Exploring the excess of cloud condensation nuclei and rain suppression using a minimal 3D Boussinesq model with bulk cloud microphysics / Gerardo Hernandez-Duenas (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Institute of Mathematicas) et al.
    • [00863 (86A)] Statistical Analysis of Earthquake in Nepal-Himalaya including Bengal Basin Zone / Santanu Manna (Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Simrol, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 453552, India) et al.
    • [00914 (91-)] Quantifying the Impact of Impact Investing / Andrew W Lo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [01638 (91-)] Strategyproof Mechanisms for Group-Fair Facility Location Problems / Houyu Zhou (City University of Hong Kong) et al.
    • [02635 (92F)] Application of mathematics in large-scale agriculture projects / Neil Budko (Delft University of Technology)

[CT158] Operations research, mathematical programming [A]

  • CT158 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01182 (90-)] Optimizing the manufacturing process of a cutting machine in iron industry / Andrea Pizzuti (Università Politecnica delle Marche) et al.
    • [02468 (90-)] Intuitionistic fuzzy proximal twin svm with fuzzy hyperplane / Yash Arora (IIT Roorkee) et al.
    • [00765 (90-)] V-KEMS: Tackling industrial and COVID problems via virtual study groups / Chris Budd (University of Bath)
    • [00954 (90-)] Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of Mixed Hydrogen-Natural Gas Flow in Pipeline Networks / Saif Kazi (Los Alamos National Laboratory) et al.
    • [02512 (90-)] Incentive design for electric vehicles charging station management / Luce Brotcorne (INRIA) et al.

[CT159] Operations research, mathematical programming [B]

  • CT159 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02513 (90-)] Models for the Interdiction Problem for the Minimum Spanning Tree / Luis Salazar-Zendeja (INRIA) et al.
    • [02627 (90-)] A Semi-Integer Programming for Portfolio Optimization of Green Financing Companies / Sena Safarina (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02649 (90-)] Inventory Models with Carbon Reduction Policy / Soniya Gupta (Ismail National Mahila PG College, Meerut ) et al.
    • [00070 (90-)] SDDS-SABC based Algorithm for solving non-linear optimization problems / Dhirendra Sharma (Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi) et al.
    • [00254 (90-)] Estimation of Directional Marginal Productivity in Supply Chain Capacity Planning and Resource Allocation: A Case Study of the Power Industry / Mojgan pouralizadeh (Islamic Azad University, Lahijan Branch,Lahijan,Iran)

[CT160] Social and behavioral sciences: general topics etc.

  • CT160 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00301 (90-)] On some modifications in the conjugate gradient method and its application in unconstrained optimization problems / Sweta Kumari (Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi) et al.
    • [02381 (90-)] Dynamic parking pricing for smart urban transportation system / Surafel L Tilahun (Addis Ababa Science and Technology University)
    • [00233 (91C)] Revisiting Businesses Vulnerability and Classifying the Main Problems of MSMEs During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Rezzy Eko Caraka (Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional)
    • [02661 (91C)] Practicing Responsible Computation and Innovation in HPC: A Sociotechnical Approach / Elaine M. Raybourn (Sandia National Laboratories) et al.
    • [01303 (91C)] Partially Mixed Cooperative Strategies in Evolutionary Games on Networks / Jean Carlo Moraes (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

[CT161] Operations research and management science [A]

  • CT161 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00898 (90B)] An inventory model for the impact of supply chain interruptions during the covid-19 crisis / Gauranga Charan Samanta (Fakir Mohan University) et al.
    • [01607 (90B)] AN INVENTORY MODEL WITH PRICE- AND STOCK-DEPENDENT DEMAND / Dharma Lesmono (Universitas Katolik Parahyangan) et al.
    • [02564 (90B)] Supplier selection for returnable packaging products under a supply chain / Rekha Guchhait (Yonsei University, South Korea) et al.
    • [00224 (90B)] Multi-objective multi-route STP with carbon emission and risk mitigation in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain under Pythagorean fuzzy Environment / Dr. Sankar Kumar Roy (Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Vidyasagar University, Midnapur-721102, West Bengal, India)
    • [00293 (90B)] Reverse supply chain design and planning in a Mean-Risk framework / Cristinca FULGA (The Bucharest University of Economic Studies)

[CT162] Operations research and management science [B]

  • CT162 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01418 (90B)] Non-linear Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Non-linear Fixed-charge Transportation Problems / Shivani Saini (Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar (INDIA)) et al.
    • [01609 (90B)] Stochastic Modelling for Energy Efficiency in LTE-5G Networks / Priyanka Kalita (Amity University Noida) et al.
    • [02497 (90B)] Optimal Control Policy for Software supported Fault Tolerant System with Service Interruption / Madhu Jain (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) et al.
    • [02418 (90B)] A two-stage method for an industrial NP-hard bin packing problem / Abdelghani Bouras (Industrial Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Al lFaisalUniversity)
    • [02269 (90B)] Mathematical model for prioritize patient in operating room block scheduling / Syarifah Zyurina Nordin (Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

[CT163] Operations research and management science [C]

  • CT163 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01405 (90B)] Isotonic Regression Estimators of Order Restricted Parameters of a General Bivariate Model / Naresh Garg (IIT Kanpur) et al.
    • [02511 (90B)] Autocratic Decision-Making based on Neutrosophic Sets for Machine Selection in the Industrial Factories / Amirhossein Nafei (National Taipei University of technology, Taipei , Taiwan ) et al.
    • [02652 (90B)] A multi-parametric approach for solid transportation problem under uncertainty conditions / Seyed Hadi Nasseri Ojaki (Department of Mathematics Department of applied mathematics, University of Mazandaran ) et al.
    • [02543 (90B)] EOQ model for optimizing on hand inventory in the automotive industry / Asmah Binti Abd jabar (Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) et al.
    • [02350 (90B)] Implementing blockchain technology in a green closed-loop supply chain system / Bibhas Chandra Giri (Jadavpur University)

[CT164] Mathematical sociology (including anthropology) etc.

  • CT164 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02457 (90B)] Optimizing Bunkering Management Strategy to Support Green Shipping Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC) / Nurul Fajr Romadhona (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [00839 (91D)] Characterization of the two-stage contagion: ODEs and PDEs modeling, cellular automata approach, and dynamics on random Erdös-Rényi networks / Luca Meacci (Dipartimento di Matematica “Ulisse Dini” – Università degli Studi di Firenze) et al.
    • [01358 (91D)] Compartment Models for Ideas on Social Media Networks / Adam Mark Furman (University of Oxford Mathematical Institute)
    • [01116 (93A)] Finite-time dynamic event-triggered consensus for multi-agent systems under multiple attacks / Sathishkumar Murugesan (National Cheng Kung University) et al.
    • [01102 (97G)] Independent Study in Designing Mathematics Learning Using GeoGebra AR / Guntur Maulana Muhammad (Universitas Samudra) et al.

[CT165] Mathematical programming [A]

  • CT165 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02410 (90C)] An efficient method for finding the solution of physical distribution problems / Gourav Gupta (Lovely Professional University, Punjab)
    • [00403 (90C)] Exact Penalization at Stationary Points of Sparse Constrained Problem / Shotaro Yagishita (Chuo University) et al.
    • [00995 (90C)] Convergence of a Normal Map-Based Prox-SGD Method for Stochastic Composite Optimization / Andre Milzarek (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen) et al.
    • [02116 (90C)] Generalized Polyak Step Size for First Order Optimization with Momentum / Xiaoyu Wang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) et al.
    • [02421 (90C)] An approximation scheme for Multistage Stochastic Variational Inequalities / Emelin Liliana Buscaglia (Universidad Nacional de Rosario – CONICET) et al.

[CT166] Mathematical programming [B]

  • CT166 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02443 (90C)] Enhanced charge-based algorithm and its application in reliability-redundancy allocation problems / Dikshit Chauhan (Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar) et al.
    • [01034 (90C)] Machine Learning for Two-stage Robust Optimization / Esther Julien (Delft University of Technology) et al.
    • [01586 (90C)] A robust optimization approach to a repair shop network planning / Shubham Singh (IIT kanpur)
    • [02298 (90C)] New semidefinite relaxations for a class of complex quadratic programming problems / Zhibin Deng (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) et al.
    • [00007 (90C)] Sufficient Conditions for SDP Representability of Non-compact Convex Sets / Anusuya Ghosh (Senior Software Engineer) et al.

[CT167] Mathematical programming [C]

  • CT167 [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00213 (90C)] Advances in Derivative-free Methods and the DFO VU-algorithm / Chayne Planiden (University of Wollongong)
    • [02238 (90C)] A Generalized Multi-Parameterized Proximal Point Algorithm / Yuan Shen ( Nanjing University of Finance & Economics)
    • [00136 (90C)] Variable Metric Composite Proximal Alternating Linearized Minimization for Nonconvex Nonsmooth Optimization / Maryam Yashtini (Georgetown University)
    • [01123 (90C)] Parameterized Douglas-Rachford dynamical systems for generalized DC programming / Avinash Dixit (Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi) et al.
    • [01592 (90C)] Optimal blood distribution using a matheuristic approach / Olawale Joshua Adeleke (Redeemer’s University) et al.

[CT168] Mathematical programming [D]

  • CT168 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02642 (90C)] Revisiting position update process in numerical optimization / Jagdish Chand Bansal (South Asian University )
    • [00912 (90C)] Simulation-based Bayesian optimization over categorical covariates / Roi Naveiro (CUNEF University)
    • [02102 (90C)] Network Construction Problems / Igor Averbakh (University of Toronto)
    • [01621 (90C)] A Case Study on Multi-objective Fixed-charge Transportation Problem / Deepika Rani (Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar (INDIA)) et al.
    • [01223 (90C)] Descent hybrid four-term conjugate gradient methods for unconstrained optimization / Idowu Ademola Osinuga (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria ) et al.

[CT169] Mathematical programming [E]

  • CT169 [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02656 (90C)] Solving Bilevel Optimization Problems Using Deep Learning / Hrvoje Pandžić (University of Zagreb) et al.
    • [00433 (90C)] Markov Decision Processes under Model Uncertainty / Julian Sester (National University of Singapore) et al.
    • [02290 (90C)] Bilevel programming problems / Shivani Saini (Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, Punjab)
    • [02519 (90C)] Intensity modulated radiotherapy planning through a fuzzy approach / Aurelio Oliveira (University of Campinas) et al.
    • [01669 (90C)] Generalising Quasi-Newton Updates to Higher Orders / Karl Welzel (University of Oxford) et al.

[CT170] Mathematical programming [F]

  • CT170 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02415 (90C)] Propagation of epistemic uncertainty though a multi-layerd geometrically exact beam / Eduard Sebastian Scheiterer (Institute of Applied Dynamics – Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) et al.
    • [02584 (90C)] Malmquist Productivity Index under Fuzzy Environment / Shivi Agarwal (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani) et al.
    • [00972 (90C)] Reducing Communication in Federated Learning with Variance Reduction Methods / Kazusato Oko (The University of Tokyo, AIP RIKEN) et al.
    • [01125 (90C)] Generalized Optimization Algorithms for $M$-Estimation of Complex Simulation Models / Mario Martinoli (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa) et al.
    • [02367 (90C)] Applying the 2 Steps SLP method to the UC-ACOPF problem / Dolores Gómez (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela) et al.

[CT171] Game theory

  • CT171 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00050 (91A)] Generalized Game Theoretical Model with Multiple Types of Homogeneous Players / Abdelrahim Said Mousa (Birzeit University)
    • [00053 (91A)] How predators choose their prey to maximize their utility functions by using switching prey / Asmaa IDMBAREK (LAMS, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco) et al.
    • [00600 (91A)] A Two Timescale Evolutionary Game Theoretic Approach to Multi-Agent Learning / Nan Chen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) et al.
    • [02555 (91A)] A Mean Field Game Model for Renewable Investment under Uncertainty / Célia Escribe (Ecole Polytechnique) et al.
    • [02663 (91A)] Evolutionary Dynamics of Human Behavior / Feng Fu (Dartmouth College)

[CT172] Stochastic systems and control / Education and instruction in mathematics etc.

  • CT172 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01973 (91A)] Equilibria for Robust Routing Game of Atomic Players / Xudong Hu (Academy of Math and Systems Science, CAS)
    • [02646 (93E)] Stability and geometric approximations of nonlinear filters / Eliana Fausti (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [00383 (93E)] A kernel-based method for Schrödinger bridges / Yumiharu Nakano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • [00601 (97D)] Assessment of Mathematics in Higher Education over the COVID19 pandemic. / James Maunder (Oxford Brookes University)
    • [01075 (97D)] Implementation of Mathematical Proof and Argumentation Learning Activities in Langsa / Iden Rainal Ihsan (Universitas Samudra) et al.

[CT173] Mathematical economics

  • CT173 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02674 (91B)] General Equilibrium with Unhedgeable Fundamentals and Heterogeneous Agents / Marko Hans Weber (National University of Singapore) et al.
    • [00045 (91B)] Nonzero-sum stochastic impulse games with an application in energy markets / Mohamed Mnif (ENIT, Tunisia) et al.
    • [02556 (91B)] Asymmetric GARCH Model with Markov Switching for Risk Measure Forecasting / Nurhayati Nurhayati (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
    • [02683 (91B)] When to Sell an Asset? – A Distribution Builder Approach / Stephan Sturm (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
    • [01207 (91B)] Optimal analysis of ecological-economic model with fishing tax and tourist entry-fee / Nandadulal Bairagi (Jadavpur University) et al.

[CT174] Analysis education etc.

  • CT174 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00450 (91B)] SOSMAR: a Software for Modelling Oil Spills in the Sea / Angel M. Ramos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) et al.
    • [01495 (97I)] Geometric modeling by constraints: some resolution methods / KARIFA TRAORE (MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION AND LITERACY)
    • [01497 (97I)] Geometric modeling by constraints: some resolution methods / KARIFA TRAORE (MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION AND LITERACY)
    • [01498 (97I)] Geometric modeling by constraints: some resolution methods / KARIFA TRAORE (MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION AND LITERACY)
    • [01879 (97M)] Mathematical Modeling of Takaful Insurance / Hassane Bouzahir (Ibn Zohr University)

[CT175] Actuarial science and mathematical finance [A]

  • CT175 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00818 (91G)] BENCHMARKED ASSET MANAGEMENT WITH FIXED INCOME SECURITIES / Mayank Goel (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani) et al.
    • [00998 (91G)] An Optimal Consumption-Portfolio Strategy and Housing Choice Problem with a Loan-to-Value Ratio / Seryoong Ahn (Pukyong National University) et al.
    • [02332 (91G)] Risk Parity Portfolio in the COVID-19 Era: Indonesia Empirical Evidence / Rosita Kusumawati (Mathematics Department, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, Universitas Gadjah Mada) et al.
    • [02345 (91G)] Performance of the Treynor Ratio in Compilation of Fuzzy Portfolios / Padrul Jana (Universitas Gadjah Mada) et al.
    • [00376 (91G)] Adaptive Optimal Market-Making Strategies with Inventory Liquidation Costs / Jonathan Allan Chávez Casillas (University of Rhode Island) et al.

[CT176] Actuarial science and mathematical finance [B]

  • CT176 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01216 (91G)] Neural network in option pricing / Abby Chee Hong Tan (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)
    • [00964 (91G)] The Valuation of Real Options for Risky Barrier to Entry with Hybrid Stochastic and Local Volatility and Stochastic Investment Costs / Donghyun Kim (Pusan National University) et al.
    • [02334 (91G)] A generalized integral equation formulation for pricing American options under regime-switching model / Yawen Zheng (University of Wollongong) et al.
    • [02592 (91G)] Pricing American barrier options with transaction costs / Xiaoping Lu (University of Wollongong)
    • [02650 (91G)] Endogenous Network Valuation Adjustment and the Systemic Term Structure in a Dynamic Interbank Model / Andreas Sojmark (London School of Economics)

[CT177] Actuarial science and mathematical finance [C]

  • CT177 [ Aug.21 : 1C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01340 (91G)] Mathematical finance without probability / Henry Chiu (Imperial College London)
    • [00701 (91G)] Coupled Transform Method for Time-Space-Fractional One-Factor Commodity Option Pricing Model / Sunday Onos EDEKI (Department of Mathematics, Covenant University)
    • [01854 (91G)] Dynamic Roughness in the Term Structure of Oil Markets Volatility / Christina Nikitopoulos (UTS) et al.

[CT178] Biology and other natural sciences [A]

  • CT178 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00659 (92-)] Understanding persisting onchocerciasis hotspots in Africa using mathematical models / Himal Shrestha (La Trobe University) et al.
    • [00709 (92-)] Mathematical modeling reveals P2X1 purinoceptor antagonist as a male contraceptive / CHITARANJAN MAHAPATRA (Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience – CNRS) et al.
    • [01958 (92-)] How can we make tumour predictions under mechanism uncertainty? / Haralampos Hatzikirou (Khalifa University)
    • [02068 (92-)] Variable selection aided by correlation networks / David G Aragones (University of Castilla-La Mancha) et al.
    • [00146 (92-)] A mathematical model to the melanoma dynamics involving CAR-T cells / Paulo F. A. Mancera (UNESP) et al.

[CT179] Biology and other natural sciences [B]

  • CT179 (1/5) [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00438 (92-)] Network stability in co-evolved spatially-explicit model ecological communities / Gavin Michael Abernethy (University of Stirling)
    • [00463 (92-)] A kinetic model of crowd evacuation dynamics coupled with infectious disease contagion / Juan Pablo Agnelli (CIEM CONICET & FaMAF Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) et al.
    • [00620 (92-)] Development of an ion channel model-framework / Christine Keller (Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS)) et al.
    • [00677 (92-)] Mathematical Epidemiology as a decision tool / Alicja B. Kubik (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) et al.
    • [00745 (92-)] Fluid flow and nutrient transport in hollow fibre membrane bioreactors / George Booth (University of Oxford) et al.
  • CT179 (2/5) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00857 (92-)] An ecological study of mathematical model on intermittent phytoplankton distribution / Sandip Banerjee (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) et al.
    • [00859 (92-)] A mathematical model of immunotherapy: CD19 relapses in B leukemia / Salvador Chulián (Department of Mathematics, University of Cádiz) et al.
    • [00894 (92-)] ODE models relating irrigation to kidney bean yield / Tyler Skorczewski (University of Wisconsin Stout) et al.
    • [01103 (92-)] Mechanoelectric effects in cardiac function / Argyrios Petras (RICAM-Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics) et al.
    • [01122 (92-)] A mathematical model of microtubule assembly and polarity in dendrites / Anna Nelson (Duke University ) et al.
  • CT179 (3/5) [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01187 (92-)] Dynamic, data-driven neurodegeneration: Modelling clearance and proteopathy in Alzheimer’s disease / Georgia Staf Brennan (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [01189 (92-)] A Spatially Averaged Model for Platelet Cohesion by Von Willebrand Factor and Fibrinogen / Keshav Patel (University of Utah) et al.
    • [01201 (92-)] How differential geometry and extremum seeking systems reveal the decades- long mystery of optimized flight of soaring birds / Sameh Eisa (University of Cincinnati )
    • [01364 (92-)] Time-Delay Systems: An Overview / Bootan Rahman (University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH))
    • [01644 (92-)] Optimal epidemic interventions and the trolley problem in heterogeneous populations / Pratyush Kumar Kollepara (La Trobe University) et al.
  • CT179 (4/5) [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01734 (92-)] Towards A Modeling Framework For Pediatric Sickle Cell Pain / Angela Reynolds (Virginia Commonwealth University) et al.
    • [01908 (92-)] Quantifying Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Remodeling from Live-imaging Microscopy Data / Carey Li (University of St Andrews)
    • [02033 (92-)] Local and global analysis of HIV-1 model with cell-free and cell-to-cell dissemination of infection / Sukhen Das (Jadavpur University) et al.
    • [02679 (92-)] Quantifying the Effect of Elexacaftor/Tezacaftor/Ivacaftor on Insulin Secretion / Justin Garrish (Colorado School of Mines) et al.
    • [02680 (92-)] An analysis of a model of fear in disease transmission / Iain Moyles (York University) et al.
  • CT179 (5/5) [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [02702 (92-)] A mathematical model of cell expansion for cultivated meat production / Julia Krol (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford) et al.
    • [00116 (92-)] Multi-Scale Modelling of three phase lag (TPL) of lung cancer during cryosurgery / Sarita Singh (Doon University Dehradun Uttarakhand IndiaDoon University Dehradun Uttarakhand )
    • [00691 (92-)] GROWTH TUMOR, PROLIFERATION AND DIFFUSION IN CELL LINES OF OSTEOSARCOMA / María Isabel Romero Rodríguez (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada) et al.

[CT180] Mathematical biology in general [A]

  • CT180 (1/6) [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00035 (92B)] Effects of toxicity and zooplankton selectivity under seasonal pattern of viruses on plankton dynamics / Samares Pal (University of Kalyani)
    • [00056 (92B)] Dead or Alive: Integrating Disease and Ecosystem Ecology Theory / Lale Asik (University of the Incarnate Word) et al.
    • [00097 (92B)] Optimal control of pollution rate in a spatiotemporal bioeconomic model concerning phytoplankton-zooplankton / Imane Agmour (Hassan II University) et al.
    • [00298 (92B)] A mathematical model for new biomarkers in prostate cancer / Paulo F. A. Mancera (UNESP) et al.
    • [00300 (92B)] Coupling macro-micro simulations in complex fluids / Paula A Vasquez (University of South Carolina) et al.
  • CT180 (2/6) [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00480 (92B)] Mathematics, the Mind and Alzheimer’s disease: Systematical progression on brain graphs / Prama Setia Putra (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford) et al.
    • [00537 (92B)] Assessing potential insights of an imperfect testing strategy for COVID-19 / Sarita Bugalia (Central University of Rajasthan, India)
    • [00697 (92B)] Vicsek-Kuramoto system in collective dynamics and their macroscopic equations / Carmela Moschella (University of Vienna )
    • [00713 (92B)] Mathematical Modeling of Lymphatic Filariasis-Buruli ulcer co-infection / Helen Olaronke Edogbanya (Federal University Lokoja) et al.
    • [00725 (92B)] Role of CXCL12 in regulation of T cell invasion / Junho Lee (Konkuk University) et al.
  • CT180 (3/6) [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00828 (92B)] Role of NK cells in regulation of lung cancer progression / Donggu Lee (Konkuk University)
    • [00927 (92B)] Bone marrow stem cells and exosomes control doxorubicin-induced CRCC: A mathematical model / hyungchul Kim (Konkuk University) et al.
    • [00931 (92B)] The vaginal microbiota and its association with Chlamydia infection / Lihong Zhao (University of California Merced)
    • [01160 (92B)] A mathematical study of cancer and radiotherapy towards personalized medicine / Giulia Chiari (Politecnico di Torino)
    • [01193 (92B)] Cost-effectiveness and Public Health Impact of HPV Vaccination Strategies with consideration of cross-immunity in Japan / Wongyeong Choi (Soongsil University) et al.
  • CT180 (4/6) [ Aug.24 : 4C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01212 (92B)] Studying relationship between glucose update and calcium homeostasis in cardiomyocytes / Samrat Chatterjee (THSTI)
    • [01448 (92B)] Influence of induced plant volatile and refuge in tritrophic model / DIPAK KUMAR KESH (JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY) et al.
    • [01463 (92B)] Chemical Signalling and Pattern Formation in Predator-Prey Models / Prof. Darius Wrzosek (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
    • [01630 (92B)] Analysis of blood flow through multiple stenoses in a narrow artery / Rashmi Sharma (Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University) et al.
    • [01804 (92B)] Spatiotemporal dynamics of a predator-prey system with fear effect / Subhas Khajanchi (Presidency University Kolkata)
  • CT180 (5/6) [ Aug.24 : 4D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01815 (92B)] Time-fractional SVIR chicken-pox mathematical model with quarantine compartment / Shangerganesh Lingeshwaran (National Institute of Technology Goa) et al.
    • [01816 (92B)] Optimal-control problem for a fractional order chickenpox mathematical model / Hariharan Soundararajan (National Institute of Technology Goa) et al.
    • [02174 (92B)] A mathematical model to predict how obesity raises the risk of diabetes / Parimita Roy (Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology) et al.
    • [02227 (92B)] A discrete-time competition model of Ricker type with reproductive delay / Ryusuke Kon (University of Miyazaki)
    • [02250 (92B)] Stability analysis of the fractional predator-prey model with obese prey / HALET ISMAIL (National Institute of Technology Goa) et al.
  • CT180 (6/6) [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02486 (92B)] Spatio-temporal dynamics of an SIS epidemic model with non-local infection / DHIRAJ KUMAR DAS (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur-208016, Uttar Pradesh) et al.
    • [02508 (92B)] Mathematical modeling of information and saturated treatment on disease prevalence / Anuj Kumar (Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, India)
    • [02150 (92B)] Dynamics of Complex Biological Leukemia Model: Mathematical and Simulation Approach / Kalyan Das (National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) )
    • [02039 (92B)] Intelligent Computing Models for Super-large Protein Complex Prediction / Xinqi Gong (Renmin University of China)
    • [02330 (92B)] Representation Learning for Continuous Single-cell Biology with Graph Neural Networks / Chengkai Yang (The University of Tokyo)

[CT181] Mathematical biology in general [B]

  • CT181 [ Aug.23 : 3C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02668 (92B)] Assessment of the role of supplementary food on predatory interactions in the context of biological control / Sree Rama Vara Prasad Bhuvanagiri (Vellore Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [00375 (92B)] Modelling Typhoid Fever Transmission: Optimal control and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis / kazeem Austin TIJANI (Federal University of Agriculture(J. S Tarka university), Makurdi) et al.
    • [00431 (92B)] Modeling Impact of Temperature Changes on Onchocerciasis Disease with Control Strategies / Godwin Nwachukwu Nkem (Department of Mathematical Sciences and Computing, Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa)
    • [00892 (92B)] Predicting response to pediatric leukemia with flow cytometry data / Alvaro Martínez-Rubio (University of Cadiz) et al.
    • [02082 (92B)] Circulating renin-angiotensin systems mediated feedback controls over the mean-arterial pressure / Bikash Thakuri (Sikkim University)

[CT182] Mathematical biology in general [C]

  • CT182 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02158 (92B)] Spatially coordinated collective phosphorylation filters spatiotemporal noises for precise circadian timekeeping / Dae Wook Kim (University of Michigan) et al.
    • [02529 (92B)] Application of machine learning to predict dynamics of epidemiological models that incorporate human behavior / Alonso Gabriel Ogueda Oliva (George Mason University) et al.
    • [02615 (92B)] Theory of the cell motility mechanism in the absence of adhesions / Calina Copos (Northeastern University) et al.

[CT183] Physiological, cellular and medical topics [A]

  • CT183 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00594 (92C)] Study of Protein Folding: A Quantum Computational Approach / Amrita P. (Department of Mathematics, Bioinformatics and Computer Applications, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal 462003 ) et al.
    • [02625 (92C)] Topology-Driven Shape Programmability in Tissue Morphogenesid / Carl D Modes (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics)
    • [00320 (92C)] Sensing the electrical world: modelling to understand aerial electroreception / Ryan Palmer (University of Bristol) et al.
    • [01299 (92C)] Mathematical modelling of peristaltic driven two-layered catheterized oesophagus / Sanjay Kumar Pandey (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi)
    • [01173 (92C)] Turing Patterns as a Model for Brain Folding / Monica K. Hurdal (Florida State University)

[CT184] Physiological, cellular and medical topics [B]

  • CT184 [ Aug.23 : 3D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01643 (92C)] Interdisciplinary modeling and experimentation reveal microglia heterogenity during mouse development / William Duncan Martinson (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [02695 (92C)] The position of the axon initial segment assembly site can be predicted from the shape of the neuron / Paul Curmi (University of New South Wales) et al.
    • [01333 (92C)] Development of Dynamical Systems-Inspired Metrics to Evaluate Immunotherapy Efficacy / Fahima Nekka (Université de Montréal) et al.
    • [00188 (92C)] Two-Phase Modelling of Plaque Growth in Early Atherosclerosis / Abdush Salam Pramanik (Department of Mathematics, University of North Bengal) et al.
    • [00191 (92C)] Two-Phase Modelling of Subcutaneous Injection of Drugs / Bibaswan Dey (Department of Mathematics, University of North Bengal) et al.

[CT185] Physiological, cellular and medical topics [C]

  • CT185 [ Aug.21 : 1C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01171 (92C)] The role of the autoregulation mechanism in hypertension and hypotension in humans / Radu C Cascaval (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
    • [00464 (92C)] Predicting the role of poroelastic coatings for cell therapies via an asymptotic approach / Simon Mark Finney (University of Oxford) et al.
    • [02454 (92C)] Cellular gradient flow structure connects single-cell-level rules and population-level dynamics / Shuhei A Horiguchi (The University of Tokyo) et al.
    • [00429 (92C)] Mathematical Theory to Maximize Enzymatic Activity Under Thermodynamic Constraints / Hideshi Ooka (RIKEN) et al.
    • [01110 (92C)] Patient-specific simulation of veno-venous Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) / Massimiliano Leoni (RICAM) et al.

[CT186] Physiological, cellular and medical topics [D]

  • CT186 [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [02667 (92C)] Coupled Active Contour Segmentation of Clue Cells from Immunofluorescence Microscopy / Yongjian Yu (Axon Connected, LLC) et al.
    • [02237 (92C)] Mathematical modeling and optimal control study on the dynamics of rape using integer and fractional order derivatives / Govindaraj Venkatesan (National Institute of Technology Puducherry)
    • [00667 (92C)] Effect of tumor-associated neutrophils on tumor growth : A mathematical model / Haneol Cho (Konkuk university) et al.
    • [02504 (92C)] A mathematical model for the regulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular (HPT) axis by adipokines / Dr. SANGEETA MAURYA (Delhi University Delhi) et al.

[CT187] Genetics and population dynamics [A]

  • CT187 (1/2) [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00044 (92D)] Final size and infectious cases estimate for two-group SEIRD model / Matheus Correia dos Santos (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS) et al.
    • [00078 (92D)] A higher order numerical scheme to a nonlinear McKendrick-Von Foerster equation with singular mortality / Joydev Halder (School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Hyderabad) et al.
    • [01314 (92D)] Final Size and estimated number of infections two-group SEIRD model / Matheus Correia dos Santos (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS) et al.
    • [01762 (92D)] Generalized proofs of positivity of the solutions to population models / AUNI ASLAH MAT DAUD (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu)
    • [01826 (92D)] Environmental Feedbacks from the Warburg Effect in Pre-Metastatic Neoplasms / Mark Steven Lovett (Dartmouth College) et al.
  • CT187 (2/2) [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01964 (92D)] Competitions between stage-structured species in a patchy environment / Chang-Yuan Cheng (National Pingtung University National Pingtung University)
    • [02455 (92D)] Transient indicator and asymptotic dynamics of Bazykin’s predator-prey model / TAPAN KUMAR KAR (Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur)
    • [02460 (92D)] Oxygen-plankton model to study a catastrophic event: ocean anoxia / Pranali Roy Chowdhury (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
    • [00040 (92D)] Proportion of COVID-19 Pre-Symptomatic Transmission Events in South Korea / Youngji Song (University of Soongsil) et al.
    • [00205 (92D)] `Period doubling’ induced by optimal control in a behavioral SIR epidemic model. / Sileshi Sintayehu Sharbayta (Addis Ababa University) et al.

[CT188] Genetics and population dynamics [B]

  • CT188 (1/2) [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00212 (92D)] Optimal control for a SIR epidemic model with limited quarantine / Rocio Celeste Balderrama (Departamento de Matematica-Universidad de Buenos Airesu) et al.
    • [00395 (92D)] What can be the potential risk of Mpox outbreak in the endemic country?: Non-Markovian stochastic modeling study / Victoria May Mendoza (Institute of Mathematics, University of the Philippines Diliman) et al.
    • [00944 (92D)] Modelling of healthcare-acquired infection spread in regional healthcare systems / Konrad Sakowski (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw) et al.
    • [01106 (92D)] An alternative approach to generating the Covid-19 dynamics / Kamal Khairudin Sukandar (Institut Teknologi Bandung) et al.
    • [01913 (92D)] Mathematical modeling, analysis, and simulation of the Epidemic Dynamics with Stochastic Perturbations: A case study of COVID-19 in Bogotá / Andres Rios-Gutierrez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) et al.
  • CT188 (2/2) [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01967 (92D)] Modelling coevolutionary dynamics in heterogeneous SI epidemiological systems across scales / Elisa Paparelli (Politecnico di Torino – Università degli Studi di Torino) et al.
    • [02063 (92D)] Modeling Uncertainty and Optimizing Control in Philippines COVID-19 Vaccination / Randy L. Caga-anan (MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology) et al.
    • [02503 (92D)] Modelling mosquito dynamics and novel malaria vector control interventions / Nakul Chitnis (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute)
    • [02517 (92D)] Flocking Dynamics of Agents with Nonidentical Intrinsic Accelerations / Yu-Hao Liang (National University of Kaohsiung)
    • [01741 (92D)] A cannibalistic natural enemy pest model with different harvesting strategies / Jai Prakash Prakash Tripathi (Central University of Rajasthan, India)

[CT189] Systems theory; control [A]

  • CT189 [ Aug.23 : 3E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [01250 (93-)] Boundary Stabilization of Polynomial Reaction Diffusion Equations / Arthur J Krener (Naval Postgraduate School)
    • [01401 (93-)] Mass-Transfer on Ultrasound-Assisted Biodiesel Production from J.Oil through Process optimization / PRITI KUMAR ROY (JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY) et al.
    • [01947 (93-)] The biting rate of Aedes aegypti and its variability: A systematic review (1970 – 2022) / MONDAL HASAN ZAHID (Department of Biology & Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida) et al.
    • [00469 (93-)] A Mathematical and Exploratory Data Analysis of Malaria Disease Transmission Through Blood Transfusion / Michael Olaniyi Adeniyi (Lagos State University of Science and Technology) et al.
    • [00470 (93-)] Mathematical and Exploratory Data Analysis on Blood Transfusion Transmitted Malaria / Michael Olaniyi Adeniyi (Lagos State University of Science and Technology) et al.

[CT190] Systems theory; control [B]

  • CT190 [ Aug.21 : 1E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [00481 (93-)] Optimal Control Analysis of Estrogen Paradox for Breast Cancer Treatment / Segun Isaac Oke (Ohio University, Athens) et al.
    • [01032 (93-)] Memory event-triggered finite-time fault control for neural networks system / Karthick SA (National Tsing Hua University) et al.
    • [01416 (93-)] Autonomous controllers for a Swarm of UAVs / Sandeep Ameet Kumar (School of Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics, The University of the South Pacific)

[CT191] Controllability, observability, and system structure [A]

  • CT191 (1/2) [ Aug.25 : 5B (10:40-12:20) ]
    • [00100 (93B)] Pointwise Controllability of Degenerate/Singular PDEs / AMINE SBAI (Hassan 1st University and Granada University)
    • [00181 (93B)] Control of the Stefan problem / Debayan Maity (TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics)
    • [00520 (93B)] Controllability of Generalized Fractional Dynamical Systems / Balachandran Krishnan (Department of Mathematics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore-641046)
    • [00900 (93B)] Controllability of fractional impulsive damped stochastic systems with distributed delays / Arthi Ganesan (PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore)
  • CT191 (2/2) [ Aug.25 : 5C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [01061 (93B)] Computation of control for fractional nonlinear systems using Tikhonov regularization / Lavina Sahijwani (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India) et al.
    • [02358 (93B)] Minimal time for boundary controllability of linear hyperbolic balance laws / Long Hu (Shandong University) et al.
    • [01204 (93B)] Observer-based control for nonlinear time-delayed system under delay fractionising approach / Maya Joby (KCG College of Technology) et al.
    • [01995 (93B)] Theoretical and Numerical Study of Regional Boundary Observability for Linear Time-Fractional Systems. / Fatima Zharae El Alaoui (Moulay Ismail University)
    • [00864 (93B)] Stabilization of time-periodic flows / Debanjana Mitra (Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay )

[CT192] Controllability, observability, and system structure [B]

  • CT192 [ Aug.22 : 2E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02459 (93B)] Functional ODE observers for DAE control systems / Nutan Kumar Tomar (Indian Institute of Technology Patna) et al.
    • [01281 (93B)] Optimal network synchronization from a higher-order topological approach / Guanrong (Ron) Chen (City University of Hong Kong )
    • [02295 (93B)] Optimal network synchronization from a higher-order topological approach / Guanrong (Ron) Chen (City University of Hong Kong )
    • [00348 (93B)] Design of control for IT2 fuzzy stochastic systems with multi disturbances / Marshal Anthoni S (Anna University Regional Campus Coimbatore)

[CT193] Model systems in control theory [A]

  • CT193 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00415 (93C)] Finite time horizon mixed control of vibrational systems / Ivica Nakic (epartment of Mathematics, University of Zagreb) et al.
    • [01164 (93C)] Infection spreading in tissue as a delayed reaction diffusion wave / Saddam Hussain (National Institute of Technology Patna) et al.
    • [01888 (93C)] UAV Tracking and Targeting using YOLO with Enhanced Prior / Pink-Kong Huang (National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University) et al.
    • [02288 (93C)] An optimal design problem for materiales and shapes / Faustino Maestre Caballero (University of Seville)
    • [00485 (93C)] Adaptive event-trigger based disturbance rejection technique for nonlinear systems / Marshal Anthoni S (Anna University)

[CT194] Model systems in control theory [B]

  • CT194 (1/2) [ Aug.21 : 1C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00495 (93C)] Input-state finite time stabilization of singular Markov fuzzy system. / Keerthana N (Anna University )
    • [00905 (93C)] Robust repetitive tracking control design for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model based Markovian jump systems with disturbances / Mohanapriya Saminathan (Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)
    • [01539 (93C)] Actuator fault reconstruction-based tracking control for periodic piecewise polynomial systems / Aravinth Narayanan (Bharathiar University) et al.
    • [01540 (93C)] Composite Disturbance Rejection and Stabilization for Periodic Control Systems / Satheesh Thangavel (Bharathiar University) et al.
    • [01542 (93C)] Bipartite synchronization of complex dynamical networks under hybrid-triggered control / Birundha Devi Nallamuthu (Bharathiar University) et al.
  • CT194 (2/2) [ Aug.21 : 1D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01544 (93C)] Unknown Input Observer-based Multiple Faults Reconstruction for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy-Model / Anusuya Sundaram (Bharathiar University) et al.
    • [01546 (93C)] Input-output Finite-time Stabilization for Parabolic PDE Systems with Semi-Markov Switching / Abinandhitha Radhakrishnan (Bharathiar University) et al.
    • [01550 (93C)] Stabilization and State Estimation of Semi-Markovian Cyber-Physical Systems via Time-Triggered Control / Panneerselvam Vellingiri (Bharathiar university) et al.
    • [01564 (93C)] Extended Observer-based Control for Interval-type-2 Fuzzy Systems Under Event-Triggered Scheme / Shobana Nagarajan (Bharathiar University) et al.

[CT195] Stability of control systems [A]

  • CT195 (1/2) [ Aug.22 : 2C (13:20-15:00) ]
    • [00046 (93D)] Global exponential synchronization of complex-valued recurrent neural networks with time-varying bounded and unbounded delay terms / VIJAY KUMAR YADAV (Amity University Haryana, Gurugram, Delhi NCR India)
    • [00051 (93D)] Finite-time synchronization of multi-scroll chaotic systems with sigmoid non-linearity and uncertain terms / Amit Kumar Mishra (Department of Mathematics, Shree M P Shah Arts Science College, Surendranagar, Gujarat, 363001, India)
    • [01005 (93D)] Nonlinear Disturbance Observer-Based Control Design for Markovian Jump Systems / OH-MIN KWON (CHUNGBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY)
    • [01012 (93D)] Uncertainty and disturbance estimator design for interval type-2 fuzzy systems / KWON OH-MIN (CHUNGBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY)
    • [01014 (93D)] Fault detection asynchronous filter design for Markovian jump fuzzy systems under cyber attacks / Sakthivel Ramalingam (Chungbuk National University) et al.
  • CT195 (2/2) [ Aug.22 : 2D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [01008 (93D)] EID estimator-based Control Design for Singular Polynomial Fuzzy Systems / Selvaraj Palanisamy (Chungbuk National University) et al.
    • [00590 (93D)] Feedback control of propagating bubbles: stabilization and control-based continuation / Joao Fontana (The University of Manchester) et al.
    • [00655 (93D)] Finite-time fault-tolerant robust control design for parabolic partial differential equations / Sakthivel Rathinasamy (Bharathiar University)
    • [02605 (93D)] Lie-bracket-based feedback stabilizability with cost regulation / Giovanni Fusco (University of Padua) et al.

[CT196] Stability of control systems [B]

  • CT196 [ Aug.25 : 5D (15:30-17:10) ]
    • [00327 (93D)] COBIT As An Information Governance Framework / Amina Feddaoui (Chadli Bendjedid university el tarf)
    • [02585 (93D)] Structured Dissipative mappings with their applications in Control Systems / Mohit Kumar Baghel (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) et al.

[CT197] Communication, information

  • CT197 [ Aug.24 : 4E (17:40-19:20) ]
    • [02380 (94A)] PDE methods for joint reconstruction-segmentation of images / Jeremy Michael Budd (California Institute of Technology ) et al.
    • [02590 (94A)] Non-Local Robust Quaternion Matrix Completion for Large-Scale Color Images and Videos Inpainting / Zhigang Jia (Jiangsu Normal University)
    • [02595 (94A)] Image recovery under non-Gaussian noise / Tingting WU (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
    • [02139 (94A)] Normalizing Flows Based Mutual Information Estimation / Haoran Ni (University of Warwick) et al.
    • [00578 (94A)] Secret Sharing Scheme with Perfect Concealment by Quasigroup / Tomoko Adachi (Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology) et al.