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[02454] Cellular gradient flow structure connects single-cell-level rules and population-level dynamics

  • Session Time & Room : 1C (Aug.21, 13:20-15:00) @D515
  • Type : Contributed Talk
  • Abstract : In multicellular systems, single-cell behaviors should be coordinated consistently with the overall population dynamics and biological functions. We show that the generalized gradient flow modeling of the cellular population dynamics naturally connects them and reproduces well-known properties of cells. We also demonstrate the gradient flow structure in a standard model of the T-cell immune response. This theoretical framework works as a basis for understanding multicellular dynamics and functions.
  • Classification : 92C37, 92D25, 49S05
  • Format : Talk at Waseda University
  • Author(s) :
    • Shuhei A Horiguchi (The University of Tokyo)
    • Tetsuya J Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo)