Hotel Information

Tokyo offers more than 96,000 rooms ranging from budget hotels to five-star luxury hotels, assuring friendly, high-quality service for guests. There are more than 6,000 rooms within 30 minutes by local transportation and/or walking distance to the venue.

Hotels in Tokyo during the conference are expected to be crowded. We encourage you to make hotel reservations by yourself as soon as possible.

List of Candidate Hotels

The following table shows typical examples of candidate hotels.

Name Access to Venue
Venue Area
Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo 5 min. walk
Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo 15 min. walk
Takadanobaba Station Area
Hotel Livemax Takadanobaba 15 min. by bus
Higashi Shinjuku Station Area
Tokyu Stay Shinjuku Eastside 25 min. by bus
Sotetsu Fresa Inn Higashi Shinjuku 25 min. by bus
E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku 25 min. by bus
APA Hotel Higashi Shinjuku-Ekimae 25 min. by bus
APA Hotel Higashi-Shinjuku Kabukicho-Higashi 25 min. by bus
APA Hotel Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho 25 min. by bus
Mejiro Station Area
Richmond Hotel Tokyo Mejiro 25 min. by train

Other Hotels

You can find your hotel at around …

List of Special Discount Rooms offered by WAS   *Registration is closed.(May 31,2023)

We asked Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation (WAS) to keep rooms with special discount rate. Here, as a subsidiary of Waseda University, Waseda University Academic Solutions has provided solutions necessary for university management for many years. If you want to reserve these rooms, please contact Waseda University Academic Solutions after carefully reading the cancelation policy with your own responsibility.


Cancellation Policy (ICIAM TOKYO 2023 Booking hotels)
1.A cancellation fee will be charged for entire room cancellations, reduction of nights, and reduction of rooms from June 15,2023 (Japan Standard Time).
The cancellation fee is the full amount of the cancelled stay.
2. Please contact WAS (Waseda University Academic Solutions) by email to inform us of any accommodation cancellation and change of stay date.
Email to:
3.After June 15 (Japan Standard Time), a change of stay date, hotel, number of persons,room type, or meals will require a change fee of 1,500 JPY each time.