Participation Guide

As a Speaker

As an Oral Session Speaker

The congress will use Zoom Meeting for online participants and speakers. To access each Zoom meeting room, you must first log in to “The Lobby” of the online venue (Zoom Events). From the lobby, you can select the session you wish to attend and enter the Zoom Meeting. Specific instructions on how to participate in the lobby will be posted on this page.

Please refer to the following manuals:
Information for speakers and chairpersons is also included.

Manual for online participants

Manual for local participants

As a Poster Session Speaker

Please make an A0-size portrait (vertical) poster.
We will not provide a template of the poster.

The place for all poster presentations is C (Build.15), B1.
It is an open space, so you can’t miss it.

Attach your poster until 12:20 on the day of your presentation.
Please don’t attach your poster on another day of your presentation.

In the space, you can find the space ID (C**) on the board.
Please find your space from this page.

List of all posters, Aug. 22, Aug. 23, Aug. 24, Aug. 25.

The items for the attachment are prepared so that
you only bring your printed poster to the space.

Please remove your poster by 5 p.m.

As a Participant

In this congress, many participants will be attended.
We will be using an application called ZoomEvents to allow all attendees join to your lecture and all lectures.
When giving a talk, the speaker must be connected to Zoomevents.

We sent the invitation email for accessing the Zoomevents.
Please find a email titled “You are registered for ICIAM 2023 TOKYO” and click the “Agree and Join” button.

When you accessed, first you enter the lobby on the online venue.
Could you click the “session” tag on the top right and find your session or interested sessions using the date and the room number.
ex) A201 on Aug.21

For more information, please refer to the following manuals:
Information for speakers and chairpersons is also included.

Manual for online participants

Manual for local participants

Hybrid format

ICIAM 2023 will be held in person, but under reasonable request, participants who require online access to conference meetings will be accommodated (hybrid format). In hybrid format, speakers need to participate in the online venue, regardless of the lecture format (online/in person). This is to ensure that all participants can see the slides and listen to the speakers.

Hybrid format:


Zoom Events

The congress will use application called Zoom Events as an online venue. As closed an advance registration (July 20, 2023 [Anywhere on Earth]), an invitation email for joining Zoom Events will be sent to the email address in the Review system( Just those who have already completed registration are received email(including members of Financial support program). 
The participants can access Zoom Events from the link in the invitation email.  If  the participants have a Zoom account, the participants can also connect from the Zoom Events URL ( by entering that account as email address.
After the invitation email was sent, addition or change of the email address will be checked on the system once a day. When the email address is added or changed, invitation email will be sent again. The original email address will no longer be available.

When the participants access The Zoom Events, the participants will first enter an area called the lobby. The Zoom Events has the same number of Zoom meeting rooms (called a Session) as local rooms. From the lobby, the participants can join the sessions corresponding to the date, local building, and room. Special Lectures(ICIAM Prize and Invited Lectures) can also be accessed from the lobby.

Zoom Events:


Invitation to Zoom Event for those who register during the congress

Invitation to the Zoom Event for those who register during the congress will be made at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 18:00 JST (UTC+9). Please be careful if you plan to register on the day of the congress.


If you encounter any problems for online venue, please contact us from Here.
Response time: 9:30-17:30 (UTC+9).
Your kind patience is appreciated until we respond in order.