Important Information about Entering Japan

Information about Entering Japan for international participants

As of Sep. 7th 2022, every passenger entering Japan must submit a completed questionnaire, and a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result. One’s quarantine depends on the classification of the country or region of stay prior to one’s arrival in Japan as well as one’s vaccination status. The Japanese government can only approve vaccination certificates that indicate the use of vaccines which are approved in Japan. Those who are required to isolate must submit a written pledge to complete follow-up health checks.

Please see more detailed information on this website.

Procedures Required for International Participants Entering Japan

Country or region of your stay before arrival Valid vaccination certificate Quarantine
Pre-departure test On-arrival test Isolation

Group “Blue”

with not required
without required

Group “Yellow”

with not required
without required required 3days at home

Group “Red”

with not required required 3days at home
without required required 3days at facility

Classification can be found here.

Regardless of the vaccination status of the entrants, COVID-19 on-arrival test or isolation upon arrival is not required for foreign travelers from countries or regions on the “blue” list.

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