Direct flights to Narita and Haneda are the most common ways to access the country. Once you arrive, you can jump on an express train or Limousine bus that will transport you into the heart of the city. Please check these pages on Narita Airport and Haneda Airport for more information.

We asked Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation(WAS) to offer flight reservation support.
**Registration is closed. (May 31,2023)

Special information desks for ICIAM 2023 participants at Narita & Haneda airports

Special information desks will be placed at the airports to be a one-stop information counter for international delegates arriving in Tokyo. You are welcome to ask how to get to the venue and your hotel. The desks have the logo of ICIAM 2023. Operated by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Dates: August 19(Sat.) and 20 (Sun.) 8:00-20:00
1. Narita Airport Terminal 1, 1F International Arrival Lobby, near Central Exit
2. Narita Airport Terminal 2, 1F International Arrival Lobby, near Central Exit
3. Haneda International Airport, 2F Arrival Lobby, Meeting Service Counter

Narita Terminal1/2: Both are located in the center of the Arrival Lobby (1F)

Haneda International Passenger Terminal: Arrival Lobby (2F)