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[01233] A Study of the Spectra-Cutoff Imaging Method of Multiple Scattering in Isotropic Point-Like Discrete Random Media

  • Session Time & Room : 2C (Aug.22, 13:20-15:00) @G601
  • Type : Contributed Talk
  • Abstract : Imaging in random media is an important and interesting subject of inverse problems, relevant to a wide range of physical and engineering contexts, such as seismic imaging, remote sensing, medical imaging, wireless communications, and nondestructive testing. In this talk, we show that imaging becomes difficult to perform in random media when multiple scattering is too strong to cause image distortion arising from the underlying interactions of multiply scattered waves at resonance frequencies. The Foldy-Lax-Lippmann-Schwinger, (FLLS), formalism, which is employed for the multiply scattered waves, in the frequency domain, in the case of an ensemble of randomly distributed point-like scatterers. The scattering matrix representing the (FLLS) formalism is a non-Hermitian Euclidean random matrix. According to the eigenvalue distribution of the scattering matrix, we present our approach to restore the distorted images by cutting off the sharp frequency responses in the resonance regime due to strong multiple scattering. Finally, we show the use of this approach for imaging in discrete random media with numerical simulations and also discuss the limitations and future research direction.
  • Classification : 35J05, 35P15, 35P25, 47B06, 78A46
  • Format : Talk at Waseda University
  • Author(s) :
    • Ray-Hon Sun (Stanford University (while working on this research))