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[00998] An Optimal Consumption-Portfolio Strategy and Housing Choice Problem with a Loan-to-Value Ratio

  • Session Time & Room : 3C (Aug.23, 13:20-15:00) @A510
  • Type : Contributed Talk
  • Abstract : This paper promotes a housing choice problem with a loan-to-value ratio by an extended dynamic programming approach. Before purchasing a house, an individual agent rents a house to live in. After purchasing a house, the agent owns a house and uses it as collateral for borrowing. One main contribution is that the loan-to-value ratio has positive effects on an individual agent's decisions both before and after the time of purchasing a house. We find that an individual agent with a higher loan-to-value ratio delays the time to buy a house and purchases a larger house. We provide closed-form solutions for each optimal policy. We also demonstrate the solutions numerically and discuss the economic implications.
  • Classification : 91G10
  • Format : Talk at Waseda University
  • Author(s) :
    • Qi Li (Pusan National University)
    • Seryoong Ahn (Pukyong National University)
    • Ji-Hun Yoon (Pusan National University)