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[00028] Riemann problem for the Chaplygin gas equations for several classes of non-constant initial data

  • Session Time & Room : 4E (Aug.24, 17:40-19:20) @E506
  • Type : Contributed Talk
  • Abstract : Using the differential constraint method, a class of exact solutions is obtained for the homogeneous quasilinear hyperbolic system of partial differential equations describing Chaplygin gas equation; these solutions exhibit linearly degenerate that leads to the formation of contact discontinuities. In fact, in this paper, we solved the gen- eralized Riemann problem through a characteristic shock(s). For several classes of non-constant and smooth initial data, the solution to the generalized Riemann problem is presented.
  • Classification : 35L67
  • Format : Talk at Waseda University
  • Author(s) :
    • Akshay Kumar (University of Hyderabad)
    • Radha R (University of Hyderabad)