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[00809] Mathematical Aspects of Metaheuristics in Medical Imaging and Pattern Recognition

  • Session Time & Room : 2D (Aug.22, 15:30-17:10) @A201
  • Type : Contributed Talk
  • Abstract : Medical imaging and pattern recognition have very important applications in the health and other industrial sectors. In this talk, we will be focusing on the mathematical model that deals with high-order graph matching using a metaheuristic technique. This model has been tested real-life images including identifying white blood cells in human blood. The models work on the idea of artificial intelligence and have a high level of efficiency with good results. The role of AI is in terms of AI-based metaheuristics which are used as search and optimization techniques to address aforementioned problems.
  • Classification : 68W50, 68U10, 68T42, 68T10, 68T05, Evolutionary Algorithms, Agent Based Systems, Graph Matching
  • Format : Talk at Waseda University
  • Author(s) :
    • Anupam Yadav (Dr BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar)