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[02619] Interplay of two finite reservoirs in bidirectional system

  • Session Time & Room : 3E (Aug.23, 17:40-19:20) @G601
  • Type : Contributed Talk
  • Abstract : Motivated by the interplay of multiple species in several real world transport processes, we propose a bidirectional totally asymmetric simple exclusion process with two finite reservoirs regulating the inflow of oppositely directed particles corresponding to two different species. The system’s stationary characteristics such as densities, currents, etc., are investigated using a theoretical framework based on mean-field approximation and are supported by extensive Monte Carlo simulations. The impact of species, quantified by filling factor, has been comprehensively analyzed.
  • Classification : 35Lxx, 70Exx, 70Lxx, 37Axx
  • Format : Talk at Waseda University
  • Author(s) :
    • Ankita Gupta (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)
    • Bipasha Pal (Stockholm University)
    • Arvind Kumar Gupta (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar)