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[01672] High accuracy compact methods for partial differential equations

  • Session Time & Room :
    • 01672 (1/2) : 3C (Aug.23, 13:20-15:00) @E704
    • 01672 (2/2) : 3D (Aug.23, 15:30-17:10) @E704
  • Type : Proposal of Minisymposium
  • Abstract : This minisymposium brings together researchers developing high accuracy compact finite difference schemes for the solution of a variety of partial differential equations. One of the aims of this minisymposium is to examine the progress made on the solution of a variety of fluid flow problems.
  • Organizer(s) : Murli M Gupta
  • Classification : 65N06, 65N12, 76D05, 65N30
  • Minisymposium Program :
    • 01672 (1/2) : 3C @E704 [Chair: Murli M. Gupta]
      • [05366] Spectral Element Method for Parabolic Problems with Corner Singularities
        • Format : Talk at Waseda University
        • Author(s) :
          • Sanuwar Ahmed Choudhury (National Institute of Technology Silchar Assam India)
          • Pankaj Biswas (National Institute of Technology Silchar Assam India)
        • Abstract : In many engineering applications, reconstruction of temperature generated from incomplete data causes corner singularities. In such cases, a solution of parabolic initial-boundary-value-problems(IBVP) on nonsmooth-domains is required. Spectral-element methods give exponential accuracy for smooth solutions. Generating geometric meshes at the neighborhood of the corners on the space-domain a parallel least-squares-spectral-element-method using MPI is presented here to resolve the singularities. Numerical scheme has been developed in the frame-work of Sobolev spaces and examples are presented to validate the estimates.
    • 01672 (2/2) : 3D @E704 [Chair: Jiten C. Kalita]