Note on the process after MS has been accepted

This page describes the process after a proposal of minisymposium (MS) has been accepted.

Submission of each talk in accepted MS

All talks in accepted MS must be submitted to the submission system by the deadline using Minisymposium Identifier Code (MIC) shown in the notification of acceptance. Due to the strict deadline, speakers are encouraged to submit their talk information well in advance.

Review process of each talk in accepted MS

  • The review process for the submissions is mainly a check of simple abstracts of 75-100 words, and is intended to confirm that the submitted abstracts are acceptable for publication in the proceedings of the congress.
  • In principle, the organizer of the proposed MS will be the editor of the review process, since this process is conducted after the review process of the proposal of MS.
  • The review system may request another person to be the editor or reviewer for the submission of the organizer’s own talk for the purpose of having a person other than the organizer check the submission.